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Thread: Inspiring Runway Makeup

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    The lips here are amazing:

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    Wow, there are some eighties looks in there! I grew-up in the nineties so unfortunately I am a 'fresh-faced' fan, so I liked Tommy Hilfiger's makeup looks with the gold head bands.
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    It would be my ultimate dream to be a runway make-up artist.

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    I love the outrageous makeup that is runway. It's so creative.
    I also love the fresh faced look from recent runways. Gemma Ward is GOD of that look I think

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    Backstage at MAC Colour Craft Photoshoot

    More here: thanks as always to Temptalia.com
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    Wowha...some of them are quit scary
    My fav is the 10th image.. dark hair and green coloured eye shadow. for something different, that makes a statement, tho not to outlandish.
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    Wow Rosie that's insane!!
    I love how the colors match her head bands. That's so quirky.
    Really pretty photo.

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    Some recent pics from Fashion Week...

    the last one reminds me of Ella
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