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    I recently had a facial where these products were used on me, and was really, really impressed. I was a little skeptical as I hadn't really heard much about them and the salon was joined to a hair salon (sometimes not the best combination in my experience) but she gave me tonnes of samples (and who doesn't like samples), and once I went home and used them I was very pleasantly surprised! I loved the two cleanser ones she gave me, the Algologie Gel Moussant, and the Fleur de Mer Facial Wash. The former was like a stiff translucenty greeny gel that very lightly foamed and was very soothing and great for combo/oily skin. Would consider buying this for use at night time. The latter was a very gentle lightly foaming white creamy wash that left my skin so soft and clean but without feeling harsh or overstripping. Would consider buying this for morning use after I use up my other cleaners. Has anybody else used these products, and if so, what did they think of them?

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    i had the same experience with Algologie [spel ?] but it has been many years since i have come across it , sorry .

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      where to buy

      hey there

      there is a site called

      they sell it online you have to call them at present as they are setting it up


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        I have never heard of it. Will make it my business to find out about it now. Thanks for sharing guys.
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          I had one of their facials about 100yrs ago. I think it is a French brand?
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            My mother used to use some of their products- think there is still an exfoliator in the shower. They weren't for my skin type though so I can't comment on their effectiveness.


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              Yes Algologie is a french brand all derived from natural sea products.

              I guess all skincare suits some and not the other


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                I have been using the algologie gel for the last 6 months and it is very soothing for sensitive skin and did help reduce redness in my face. My only criticism is that it isnt suitable to use under makeup as I found it can flake, because of this I just use it at night. I am almost finished the jar and am seriously considering repurchasing.
                I have also been using the fleur de mer cleansing granules as a facial exfoliater and think it is reasonably effective and doesnt irritate my skin. The only con is that it is to be used only with cool water, so at the moment I am not using it as often as in summer when I would have cold showers. A nice product but not a HG.


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                  My mum has been using their moisturisers & loves them.
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                    I love the vine secret moisturiser. It really leaves my skin hydrated, plump and glowing.
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                      I just recently purchased the Fleur de Mer Sunblock in foundation cream SPF 30 and am quite impressed. it is very good as it covers imperfections but is not too heavy and is very quick and easy to apply. I sometimes will use rosehip oil under and some mineral makeup powder lightly over it if I want a more polished look, but it is still brilliant on its own. Costs $34 from memory for 50g but you dont need to use much. Australian owned and made too which is nice, highly recommend it It gives a lovely sheer coverage and good sun protection. The blurb on the back states

                      "Due to its very high sunscreen and moisturising action this cream can aid in the prevention of premature skin ageing including wrinkles and pimentations."

                      Although I think that any product can declare itself anti ageing if it has sunscreen in it. Anyway adorables I am a big fan of this product and thought I would share it with you all.


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                        Just noticed that it is water resistant as well.