23 with horrible dark circles

23 with horrible dark circles


Hi there,

I am 23 and have terrible terrible dark circles. I have medium olive skin tone and cannot leave the house without putting makeup on. I use eve pearl’s concealer which does a decent job in covering them up but i just want to get rid of them now! Sleep and water do not help! I have used an eye cream by clarions and currently using an eye cream by tranquility skin care.

Can anyone please recommend an eye cream that has helped them with their dark circles?

Thanks beauties


Channel from this site recommended this ASAP Advanced Eye Repair + and it works really amazing. You’ll see the difference in just a week! A bit expensive but it’s worth the price.


Hi Rubina.J,

As elisemillerx mentioned I really love the ASAP Advanced Eye Repair +, I’ve noticed a reduction in darkness under my eyes, although some other suggestions from the girls in the office are:

philosophy eye hope multitasking eye cream for dark circles, puffiness and lines:

Trilogy Age Proof CoQ10 Eye Recovery:

Let us know how you go!

Channel x