5 a day for 5 days

5 a day for 5 days


U may not think it but I tried something a little different to how normally did things.i decided to start drinking 5 litres or sometimes more water a day, u may be thinking how or why but drinking this much water is probably the most beneficial thing you can do for your health and your skin. the first two days maybe be hard having to constantly go to the toilet and you may not have much time to consume this water in a busy day as drinking all at once can make u feel very heavy and gross. by the third day you will realise your not as sweating as much and your body is keeping cooler, you will also notice pores on your t zone are smoothed by the fourth day my wrinkle were starting to slowly fade under my eyes and I noticed my face was less oily from makeup at the end of the day and had a matte smooth finish.The fifth day of combined with good sleep you will start to get only an appetite to drinking water and will stray from other surgery drinks.pore will be smaller than ever and u will maybe noticed you feel a lot lighter .Your overall health will improve so much by doing this even just for five days


Whoa @shannaraking that’s a great effort! I struggle to make myself drink the standard 2 litres a day but you’ve motivated me to try drinking more water! I’m sure it’s a great detoxer for the skin. Just gotta remember to keep your salts up as well when you drink that much.