80s makeup - help and advice needed!

80s makeup - help and advice needed!
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Hey ladies!

I have an 80s themed party to go to weekend after next - and I’ve found a make up look I want to do - but actually just need help with products and any other tips you might have! I don’t want to spend too much though because I’m really not a bright colour wearer - so the cheaper the better when it comes to product suggestions!

Thanks! :waving:


You could use the turquoise Maybelline Colour Tattoo as a base colour, then find another cheapie bright blue showdow at priceline to layer over and really intensify the colour, covergirl has a liner pencil called Blue Boom that would be useful too, and even though it’s bright it can be used more subtley for other occasions.


Awesome - I totally grabbed that Maybelline Color Tattoo! Intrigued as to why it’s called teal when it definitely looks more turquoise to me?! I also grabbed the Maybelline Eye Studio in Sapphire something - coz I thought the blue in that could be good on top of the Color Tattoo?

I was also considering the Covergirl Shadow Blast in Blue Bomb? It seems kinda like it could copy the shimmery effect on the eyes on the photo? Either that or I do have the grey Color Tattoo and a shimmery silver eyeshadow - which I could layer a bit with the blue? So maybs that makes the shadow blast redundant? Will go check out that Covergirl liner today!


Yeah, the key is going to be layering to get that super intense colour, so put the tattoo down then pack the shadow on top. Make sure you take the liner on to the top an bottom water lines.


Thanks lady! :waving: