Acne help

Acne help


I was wondering if anyone could give suggestions about asian skin and acne the skin is normally dry acne occurs mainly on cheeks and forehead the products using are neutrogena cleanser and neutrogena moisturizer heliplex not a lot of money so need a budget brand.


Hi Lillydrop
Could your problem be congestion? Are you removing your makeup and sunscreen completely? Many of us double cleanse (or preclease using an oil). Also do you exfoliate?

And then of course we can nag you about your diet - is it healthy, are you drinking enough water and avoiding sugar as much as possible?


Diet is good eating right yes cleanse twice with the neotrogene acne wash university stress i expect its for my friend an international student,who is on a strict budget is the medic 8 range dear


I would be sitting at the dinner table and look at my son’s girlfriend and say “you must have exams coming up soon?”, she always said yes and she always thought that my son had told me. After the 3 years when she finished uni I told her that I could tell because her skin broke out with the stress (I didn’t want her stressing about her skin breaking out on top). She is finished uni and working now and her skin is just fine. I hope your friend finds the same.

When things improve financially and you and your friend can afford better quality products you may find, like I did, that because they cost more - I am much more careful with the amount I use. Enough to do the job, but I don’t waste a drop, and because I am paying more I do some research (read reviews and Adorables opinions) and I make sure I use the products - they don’t get anywhere near the back of the cupboard and ignored.


Its a bit hard as everyone is different, uses different products, and has a different diet BUT a spot treatment that I can recommend is brevoxyl from the chemist. Its only about $10 and my dermatologist recommended this to me (I also have acne prone skin, and break out cause of uni work and stress!) I contains benzyl peroxide, but I cant remember the percentage. Your chemist should have a whole range of creams with this mainly in it, and you can work your way up from a low strength to high strength one. It really does work wonders! :waving:


While many people swear that expensive skin care products are indeed effective, that is not always the case. You can still find less expensive products but deliver the same result. Just be sure to research more about a particular product, read product reviews and ask your friends and other people you know who have experience or currently using that protect you intend to buy.


yes sometimes expensive is not all its cracked up to be i will tell myfriend to go o the chemist thanks for help


I would definitely not recommend Benzyl Peroxide 2.5%. I lathered my face in this chemical nasty twice a day for a couple of months only for it to cause excessive dryness and flaking of my skin. It was the worse thing i ever used and i still suffered break outs. I have always had acne, it was only when i went completely back to basics and through out all those highly marketed expensive products that i got results. I wash my face in warm water only day and night and now moisturise twice a day. I always thought it was better to not moisturise as it would dry the acne out. I also exfoliate twice a week and notice when i have a lot of Vitamin C it clears up.


I tried microdermabrasion for it cost me less. I’m still observing its effects.


I love benzoyl peroxide 2.5%! You were using far too much and far too often. You only need a small amount and I’d only use it once a day. It’s a brilliant product but as with anything if you use something too often (acne products) your poor skin will not be able to cope!


To get rid of acne/pimples, use an acne treatment with benzyl peroxide. To prevent acne from coming back, drink plenty of water every day.


It is possible to use the Body Shop those tea tree oil items.
I am currently using Dr.G toner with alcohol, it helps to reduce the pimples and acne problems .


Drink plenty of water, sleep well, not too much chocolate. Use mask every week. good luck!


Apply a mixture of sandalwood paste and rose water on the skin. Leave overnight and wash the next day. Keep doing this every day until the scar vanished.Drink plenty of water to eliminate toxins from the body. Water is one of the good home remedies for acne scars that works.

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