Adore Package Chocolates

Adore Package Chocolates
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Hi there,
just wanted to make a suggestion - while I think it’s very sweet you guys send little chocolate tim tams with the make up packages perhaps you should consider omitting them or replacing them with something else for orders on vegan and ethical skincare/make-up etc. brands?


Thanks for the suggestion @adelaidehamilton. Will pass it on to the girls at head office x


100% agree - I’d love to see a cruelty-free little sweet rather than having to specify to omit the tim tam each time. Thanks for bringing this up @adelaidehamilton :slight_smile:


Hey! Thank you for your feedback! We’ve been talking about this at the office quite a bit recently, so this thread is good timing! Do you have any ideas what we could have as a treat in our orders instead? Maybe we could have an option at check out in the future? :thinking: any ideas/feedback is super welcome! :slight_smile: