Aesop: Which of their products do you use?

Aesop: Which of their products do you use?


I’ve always loved Aesop products but the other day while ordering a bottle of the Ginger Flight Therapy I realised that the only other product I’ve ever really purchased or used is their hand wash. So I wanted to branch out and see what other Aesop products tickle my fancy but would love to hear what you guys use and love and what you recommend from their range?


I have received Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream twice as samples in my Adore Beauty hauls. And I have to say, I really like this product. It is just a bit too pricey for me to buy :hushed: Particularly when I also use an eye cream by Nuxe which is cheaper and I also enjoy using.


Fabulous Face Cleanser is lovely. Though glass bottles in the shower make me nervous.

I also really like their Primrose masque and moisturiser. I went to Aesop training MANY moons ago and they design their moisturisers to be slathered on - at least a 10c piece blob - and massage it all in, down onto your neck too. That’s why they come in such big jars :upside_down_face:


I like AESOP’s Mouthwash Bain De Bouch. It always give me freshness to start any work.


I love the resurrection rinse-free handwash. Perfect for travel and a little moe glamorous than pulling out the detol!


@tresnalee I have the resurrection rinse-free handwash too! Feels a bit posh doesn’t it!