Affordable (And Effective) Blonde Maintenance Is Here

Affordable (And Effective) Blonde Maintenance Is Here


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Purple shampoo [noun]: An absolute necessity for blondes.

Brassiness [adjective]: The enemy.

If you're a seasoned blonde, I'm sure you've already got a purple shampoo in your shower. If you don't, you must get some very concerned looks from your hairdresser when you walk into the salon.

The thing with purple shampoo is that it can be really pricey, and finding an affordable option that actually does the trick is often a (not very fun) game of trial and error. The good news is, I’ve got a recommendation for you that comes in under $20, and it’s got some glowing reviews.

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Why Should I Use A Purple Shampoo?

Blonde is a) hard to perfect, and b) even harder to maintain. If you've got an amazing blonde colourist, lucky you. Maintaining that colour is essential, as blonde tones can often turn yellow or brassy as your toner wears off, and your hair is exposed to frequent washing, styling products and environmental factors.

Purple shampoos are used as a colour maintenance tool for blonde, silver and grey tones to remove brassiness and warmth from the hair. These shampoos contain toning agents which restore more of an ashy finish to the hair. It’s a great solution for refreshing your colour between salon visits, and maintaining that cool blonde. Say hello to Matrix Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo.


Discover Matrix Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo:

- This clarifying & toning treatment shampoo is ideal for blonde hair
  • It neutralises unwanted brassy warmth & eliminates dull, yellow tones

  • The formula illuminates blonde highlights for that ‘freshly done’ feeling

  • Works quickly to transform blonde hair, as well as refreshing grey & silver tones

  • It can treat both naturally blonde hair & coloured-treated hair

  • Restores shine to dull hair, leaving it soft & luminous

How To Use:

If you're just trying to maintain your colour, use this shampoo between regular washes, leaving it in for 5 minutes in the shower before rinsing.

If you’ve already got brassy tones coming through that you want to correct, try using this more as a ‘treatment’ initially, leaving it in for 20 minutes to work its magic. If you’re still a little brassy, continue to use it for every wash until you’ve achieved the result you’re after, then switch to every second wash.

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Vanessa used Matrix Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo four times over 2 weeks, after first using it as a toning treatment.

What's Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ My go-to - Amy

"This shampoo is my go to to keep my bleached hair looking like I just came from the salon. I use it every other time I shampoo. Smells good and does not dry your hair out! This shampoo is very pigmented so be carful that you don’t get it everywhere! TIP- for hair that’s really brassy try putting shampoo on DRY hair. More of the toner will absorb and it will look fresh and bright again in no time!"

★★★★★ Staple product - Megan

"I have highlighted icy blonde hair. I am a hair care junkie. I purchased this out of recommendation from my stylist to keep my hair cool and icy and to prevent the brassiness that comes with blonde hair. This shampoo is a staple in my hair care routine. I use it 2-3 times a week to keep my hair the cool blonde that I like! It’s VERY purple when it comes out but it certainly does the job! I will continue to purchase the So Silver!"

★★★★★ Holy grail - Mayra

"This is the holy grail for anyone with platinum hair! I’ve been bleaching my hair for almost 15 years and this has been the only product to give me that nice silverish tone without looking grey. I use it 2-3 times a month to keep the yellow off and it doesn’t dry out my hair. I absolutely recommend this product!"

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