Alpha-H causing oily skin?

Alpha-H causing oily skin?


I’m feeling so disheartened with my skincare routine right now. I know it can take a month or more to really determine how a product is working/not working, but I still feel a bit ‘meh’ about it all right now.

After reading all of the amazing reviews for Alpha H, I decided it was time to try it! I’d been using Skinstitut products and although happy wondered if there was something better, something that would become my HG routine.

I had incorporated some of the Ordinary range; but didn’t want to keep using multiple products and really wanted to go back to a more simple, streamlined skin care routine.

I contacted the AMAZING staff at Alpha H and they gave me the friendliest breakdown of products I should start with. I purchased-
*Triple Action Cleanser
*Essential Hydration Cream
*Instant Facial (to see how my skin reacts before switching to Liquid Gold)
*Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Mask

After the first week, I could see my skin looked brighter, and less red. But now I’ve noticed it just feels slightly oily a few hours after using. It’s either the cleanser, or the instant facial - I still need to stop using one and see which is causing it - but thought I’d ask and see if anyone else had this occur/or if anyone has a suggestion or solution?

*Last night I used the cleanser, and the hydration cream and had no problems - so I’m thinking it’s the instant facial. I don’t look oily, but my skin just has an oily kind of feeling, almost as if it’s unwashed.

I just feel so overwhelmed and more confused at all of the reviews I’ve been reading and no idea what to do now! Surely there’s the perfect products and routine to help with the signs of aging on my 45 year old skin that has large pores, and is prone to break outs. :frowning:


@kyliecavanough are any of the products a bit drying/stripping? Sometimes when you use products that might strip the oil from your skin a bit it reacts by producing more oil so that could be what’s going on?


No they’re not drying at all. I haven’t used the Instant Facial for a few days so assumed it’s the cleanser. It’s a lovely cleanser but I must admit that when I use it and wash it off it almost feels as though there’s still a layer on - so I’m not sure that I’m really loving it.
My skin looks fresher and a bit brighter which is great, and which is what’s making this so damn frustrating! It’s rather expensive to buy then not like it, and need to buy something else :frowning:


I’ve been using the liquid gold with glycolic acid and have also noticed a short while after using it my skin produces more oil than normal and feels quite heavy


I’m so glad I’m not the only one!!! Although my skin initially looked amazing after 2 weeks of using my Alpha-H products, it started to look really terrible with breakouts, and just reddish and awful. I stopped using the Instant Facial (Alpha-H said it was good to start with to get my skin used to it, then change to Liquid Gold) to see if that was the cause and my skin did settle a little. I used the Instant Facial again yesterday, and all day felt as though I had an oily sheen to it. Just used the cleanser this morning and my skin feels lovely again so it looks like the culprit is the toner. One suggested use I was told was to apply the toner before applying a mask to get the added benefits, so I think I’ll just use it like that until it’s used up. Such a bummer, I really wanted to love it as much as the rest of the world seems to!

I’ve just ordered a sample pack of products from Happy Skincare, that contains charcoal, jojoba and other goodies in ingredients, so I’m going to try that for a week or two and see if there’s any difference in my skin. I just don’t feel Alpha-H is right for me :frowning: