Alpha-H moisturisers

Alpha-H moisturisers


I’ve been using Alpha-H for about one month now. I tried the Ordinary products and as lovely as they are, I wanted a more simple and straightforward routine. So decided to see if Alpha-H was worth the hype. IT IS!

I was advised to use Triple Action Cleanser, Vitamin C, Protection Plus, Essential Hydration and Instant Facial. I’ve just purchased the Vitamin C, Protection Plus and Eye Complex. (The Vitamin C is just gorgeous, and with the Protection Plus my skin feels incredible!)

My question is - I’ve now run out of the Essential Hydration Cream so am about to purchase another, but I’m wondering if there’s another one I should consider? I know there’s a few to choose from and thought maybe someone would have some feedback on which ones are amazing? Is the Beauty Sleep Power Peel worth getting, and/or Liquid Gold 24 hour moisture repair cream? Balancing moisturiser and gentle exfoliator , or just stick with Essential Hydration?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m not familiar with the Alpha H moisturisers but I do use the the Sleep Power Peel and you definitely would not use this to replace a moisturiser. This is a 1-2 uses\ a week treatment product that has aha’s and retinol in it. If you go through the website and ask for info their customer service staff give great information on their products and how to use them.


Thank you @tinamiller
Their customer service staff are so helpful! I contacted them prior to using Alpha-H and they gave me a great routine. I knew about the Peel being a once a week thing, but just thought perhaps people found this to be a ‘must have’ product to add to my growing collection.


@kyliecavanough - Ahhh sorry - I’ve misunderstood - I haven’t decided whether I would call the sleep mask a ‘must have’ yet. I suspect longer term use is needed, I’ve only had it about 4 weeks (ish) and haven’t seen any dramatic improvement as yet. I suspect those that already use lots of actives (like you and I) may not see a lot of difference, but those who have quite simple skin care regimens will see a bigger difference.


That’s ok @tinamiller, I probably wasn’t very clear. I’ve held off purchasing it for now, but did grab the Liquid gold 24 hour moisture repair.


I’m using the Balancing moisturiser and gentle exfoliator and loving it. Have not tried the essential cream yet.


The Essential Hydration Cream is really lovely. I bought the Liquid Gold moisturiser and used it for a few nights, then just thought I’d use the Essential - I forgot how lovely it is and my skin just looks fresh and plump in the morning. I’m so undecided about which to continue with! I’m considering trying the Balancing Moisturiser and Gentle Exfoliator when my Triple Action Cleanser runs out. At first my skin looked bright and fresh, but now I seem to be getting breakouts and my skin just doesn’t seem to be loving it. I’ve stopped the Instant Facial, and Liquid Gold moisturiser to see if it improves… but at the moment I’m kind of leaning towards going back to Skinstitut. Just so confused :\