Alpha-H Products

Alpha-H Products


There’s been a bit of chit chat about the Alpha-H range in other posts but I’d love to hear more about what you guys are using and what you love.
I keep hearing great things about the Alpha-H Gold and Rose Gold and I’m keen to give either one a try as part of my skincare routine so would love to hear feedback from anyone who’s using these. Also not quite sure what the difference between the gold and the rose is? Which should I start with? :slight_smile:


I was under the impression rose gold was alternative for liquid gold for people with sensitive skin.
In saying that though, the concentration of glycolic acid is the same in both, at 5%
Rose gold does have the added benefits of Rose, Lotus and Orchid Petal extracts. Which sounds very appealing.
So I also would be interested to know what differences really are!


I do love the idea of a bit of a rose scent!


I finally decided to try Alpha-H and I love it!! I’m currently using -
Triple Action Cleanser
Instant Facial
Essential Hydration Cream

and in the recent Adore sale I purchased -
Vitamin C (so lovely - I tried the Ordinary Vit C and this is so much nicer!)
and as a bonus received -
Protection Plus Daily (gorgeous - skin feels so nice after applying this!)
Absolute Eye Complex

I’ve run out of the Essential Hydration Cream so am trying to research, or get advice to see if there’s another moisturiser that people can’t go without, or if the Essential is the one to stick with. I have so many Alpha-H products in my wishlist that I’ve confused myself!

Regarding Liquid Gold Rose, @Shannon_Staff told me this in a previous discussion -


Sounds awesome @kyliecavanough how do you find the Triple Action Cleanser compares to other cleansers?