Alpha liquid gold with Glycol Acid 10%

Alpha liquid gold with Glycol Acid 10%


I’m 46. I’ve been looking to purchase a quality Brand Product , with AHA / Glycolic acid 10% or higher .
I can’t fault any of the reviews for Alpha’s ‘liquid gold’ on Adorebeauty’s site. Has anyone, around my age group, used this product & the product not really improved their facial skin? I think 10% Glycolic acid, isn’t enough for my skin & I should order a product with approx. 20% Glycolic acid -
( I used to get, in-clinic, professional, regular 60-70% Glycolic acid peels ).
Has any of you, beauties tried both or either- in regard to serums or moisturizers, containing either 10% or 20% Glycolic acid?
Could you tell me your experiences… & perhaps what you would advise, based on your own experience?
My skin often switches from dry to combination skin🙃.
Thank you so much!
I appreciate your assistance XX

My Kind Regards,

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@cate I have heard so many good reviews about Liquid Gold! People rave about it. I haven’t yet tried it to be completely honest though. If you want something stronger I have had success using the Pixi Glow Pads which are 20% Glycolic Acid. The only thing I will say against them is that if you use them too frequently they can be a bit stripping/drying on the skin and I’ve heard that one of the benefits of Liquid Gold is that it hydrates as well. That said, overall I have only had good experiences with the Pixi Glow pads so far.


Hi @Cate turning 52 sooner than I would like! I have been using the Alpha H liquid gold for about 6 months and have really like it. This is my first ‘serious’ glycolic product and I use this around 3 x week, I also use their Sllep mask which has 13% glycolic + retinol twice weekly and have been happy with the results. While this sounds like a lot of acid use I don’t use it in the morning at all and use gentle hydrating products with a little Vit C thrown in a couple of mornings a week to support my skin. The Alpha H Liquid gold product leaves your skin hydrated despite the high alcohol content and I use a niacinamide and HA serum mix under the Sleep mask. Hope that’s helpful.


Pixie Peel pads are amazing. Definitely recommend if you want to resurface.


These look amazing and the price is so much better than the dr dennis gross pads! Def going in my next order!


@lisatarasenko I actually started using the Pixie Glow Pads because I loved Dr Dennis but it was just way too expensive for me!! These are so much more reasonably priced.


That is so awesome i cant wait to put my next order in with these included! Seriously what a win - they are like a quarter of the price of the dr dennis gross ones! @christined


I am 58 and take very good care of my skin but I have never used products with AHA. I have just purchased ASAP daily facial cleanser with AHA and Daily exfoliating facial scrub with AHA and I could not be happier with the results. The 50+ moisturiser is also good. It goes on a bit greasy but settles well and doesn’t effect how my makeup sits


Hey Cate. I’m just about to turn 40 and I’ve been using the Alpha H Liquid Gold for about a year. And I totally love it. It is the perfect middle ground of being gentle but super effective. I have pretty sensitive skin but my face tolerates regular (up to every 2 years) applications of Liquid Gold overnight. Before I tried it, I contacted Alpha H for some advice because my skin can be reactive and they sent me out a few samples! So that might be worth a go before you commit to buying a bottle? Hope this helps!


Sorry meant to say *every 2 nights (not every 2 years)! Ha!