An idea on use of samples- what do you think?

An idea on use of samples- what do you think?
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Hi Everyone!
I wanted to raise an idea to see if you all think it might be a good idea. Two years ago I came across a charity that collects “pinched” hotel goodies like shampoo, conditioner, soap ect and they package it up and provide it to people in need. My company has been supportive and as a team collected thousands of products. Whenever I get my Adore freebie in my order I donate it to Pinchapoo. How amazing would it be that there was a box to click when you order to donate your freebie samples to this charity? It’s a perfect fit. As the sample sizes are exactly what Pinchapoo collect.
Adore could get behind this easily as Pinchapoo is located in Melbourne but is a national organisation.
With Christmas coming, a way to give that can help so many would be an amazing idea.

I love Adore beauty so this would be even more reason to order through Adore.

I hope you don’t mind the suggestion.


This is an absolutely brilliant idea!!! @christined @KateMorrisCEO


This is a very cool idea, will see what we can do!