An International Model's Guide To Great Skin (And Hair)

An International Model's Guide To Great Skin (And Hair)


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I’d be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t incredibly envious of the lives international models lead. Who wouldn’t want to make a living off their beauty, travelling to exotic places and meeting amazing people?

Alice Hayward started from humble beginnings - the Aussie born Adelaide girl turned NYC-based Wilhelmina model is just 23, and has worked for big name brands like ASOS, Lee Jeans, Spanx and Wacoal Lingerie.

And while I’m envious, I’ve always wondered how models can possibly maintain beautiful skin and hair despite constant travelling, wearing heavy makeup and having their hair regularly heat styled. So I asked Alice for some of her personal supermodel secrets…

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The most important lesson I’ve learnt in modelling, is the importance of taking care for myself both mentally and physically. I take good care of my body and put a lot of time and effort into it. I am extremely passionate about fitness and I work out 5-6 times a week. Sweating is my release and my ‘me time’.

And as for beauty, I’ve got a few go-to’s and I’m excited to share some of my favourites for healthy skin and hair with you!

For Healthy Locks: Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy

I started using Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Remedy shampoo and conditioner due to the damage caused by long-haul travelling and constant styling at work had on my hair (plus, I’m blonde).

I’d tried several other haircare ranges, but the condition of my hair just wasn’t improving. After only a few months of using Ultimate Remedy, my hair is feeling so much stronger, healthier and softer, with less breakage and my colour is lasting longer.


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For My Face: Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF50

It was only recently that I purchased Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF50 and I have been obsessed ever since! I have generally always avoided face sunscreens purely because I dislike that usual greasy/oily texture that some products can leave on my skin.

However wow, this product is so great and light, perfect for my sensitive skin and gives me such a beautiful glow. It’s summer in the US at the moment, so I’m glad I’ve found the right product to protect my skin. I love that it’s slightly tinted and I can wear it under my foundation.


For Hydration: Hylamide Low-Molecular HA Booster

I go through Hylamide's Low-Molecular HA Booster like there's no tomorrow! Due to my job and the amount of makeup I wear for work, my skin easily becomes extremely dehydrated and dry. Although I drink litres of water a day to try and stay hydrated, it still wasn't enough. This product leaves my skin feeling hydrated immediately after application. It's a beautiful light texture and sinks into my skin super quick.

I apply the it morning and night and sometimes I do a few more extra applications more when I’m on long haul flights. I carry this product with me everywhere and I have even started taking it to set with me so the makeup artist can apply it prior to makeup. I have also noticed other benefits of the product - I find it keeps my makeup staying on all day when I’ve applied it underneath, so I guess I also use it as a primer!


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For 'No Makeup' Makeup: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

I am extremely lucky to work with amazing hair and makeup artists every day, I learn so much from them and get to test out so many great products. Over the years I have worn hundreds of different foundations and I have finally found my favourite personal one! I like to wear minimal makeup when I’m off work but when I do I want it to feel and look natural and fresh.

The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser is everything! I have plenty of freckles on my face and I love to show them off - this product doesn’t hide them but still conceals my occasional spots and flaws. Importantly, the glow this moisturiser leaves on my skin is the best part, it’s natural and dewy, I can’t live without it!


For Smooth Skin: asap daily exfoliating facial scrub

Since I was a teenager, I used Cetaphil as my face wash - but since I’ve gotten older, and more conscious of good skincare, I have started to notice some clogged pores and small blackheads around my nose.

I purchased the asap daily exfoliating facial scrub while I was in Australia, and absolutely love the effect it has on my skin. It’s definitely gentle enough for every day use but I personally only use it 3-4 times a week to refresh my skin. It smooths and softens my skin without any irritation - love it.


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