Anti-Ageing Secrets

Anti-Ageing Secrets


Ok guys, we’re all in this together… no one wants to get old, or look it at least! We’re all on that elusive quest to stop the clock.
So here’s your opportunity to spill the beans, share your secrets so we can all look out for each other when we’re the most youthful looking gals in the nursing home. Here are a few of my tips. Would love to hear yours:

  • Rosehip oil, rosehip oil, rosehip oil: I use it every night after I cleanse to keep my skin moisturised, especially under my eyes. I also swear by it to help heal left over acne blemishes at super speed and avoid ghastly scarring.

  • Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads.: I wipe over my skin every day and it’s definitely feeling smoother and helping with fine lines that have started to appear in the last couple of years.

  • Bone broth.: Ok, I know some of you might get grossed out by this one, it can sound like a weird one and obviously a no go for vegetarians but high quality grassfed and organic bones from chicken and beef is known to have one of the highest sources of minerals and collagen! I often make my own by throwing a bunch of bones in a crock pot with some veggies, garlic and onions and slow cooking for 24 hours and throw it in soups or stews as often as I can and freeze the rest. Alternatively you can get the powdered versions at health food stores and mix in where necessary. People ALWAYS complement me on how good my skin looks when I do this on the regular.

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture.: I’m all about natural if possible, botox isn’t really my thing… so this has been my alternative. Acupuncture when done by a specialised cosmetic acupuncturist can promote blood flow and collagen production in your skin and can be very useful around the face when placed in problem areas and creases. It helps lift, tone and smooth lines. It’s not cheap but after a few regular sessions I definitely saw the difference!


Which brand of Rosehip oil do u recommend ? I have a sensitive acne prone skin. Can I still use Rosehip oil? My face s not clear. Should I use any home chemical peels methods? Pls help

#3 I don’t really stick to one specific brand of rosehip oil to be honest. Whenever I buy it I do always make sure it’s organic and cold pressed rosehip oil so that it’s of high quality. I know Inika do a good one!

I’m no expert, I’ve read mixed reviews about rosehip oil on acne prone skin… some saying it makes them break out and others saying it’s helped their acne! I think a good quality rosehip oil should absorb easily into your skin though and not make it greasy.

#4 I use the Trilogy rosehip oil and it is lovely. It’s incredibly gentle so should be fine on sensitive skin.

FYI It doesn’t smell particularly rose-y, and a few drops will go a long way. I put it on every evening an hour before I go to bed, otherwise your pillow will get stained.


Thanks a lot. I read about moogoo too. I m looking for some glow in the skin. Can I use some chemical peels at home?

#6 I’ve been using the Pixi Glow Peel Pads lately which have been good. But I’m not sure how sensitive skin would react to them so you might have to be careful and do test patches first.


Moogoo have a few different oils, one called Tamanu which is aimed at breakout prone skin but you can buy a pack with all of the oils in it to try. If you go to their website they explain the different oils and the type of skin they suit along with all of their ingredients.