Anyone Know About the Smell of Argan Oil?

Anyone Know About the Smell of Argan Oil?
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Hello guys,

I’m here to find the best solution of my question. Actually my question is regarding argan oil. I’m thinking to buy a argan oil perfume, but I don’t have idea about the smell of argan oil. Anyone using argan oil perfume? Actually, some where I read argan oil perfume is good for health. So I want to buy it. And I also researched a lot regarding this but still having confusion. Please tell me your opinion regarding this. It helps me a lot. Thanks.


@emmaclark I know Argan Oil is great for hydrating skin and hair and that it apparently absorbs really well. I’ve heard it has a bit of a licorice/nutty smell. I’m really not sure about it as a perfume and I’d say that as a perfume it may not have the same beneficial qualities for your skin.