Anyone knows solutions to acne problems?

Anyone knows solutions to acne problems?


I have been suffering from acne problems and sometimes they really get worse. I have tried many of the anti-acne products available but I am not satisfied with them as I feel that the results they give are just a matter of time. Can anyone suggest me a good remedy for this?


Hi Melina :waving: I get acne too, and recently decided to go back to basics when it comes to skin care.I am using raw honey as a face mask twice a week-just wet your bare face put some on your fingers and gently massage all over then leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off.honey is a great healer! I also have started using apple cider vinegar as a toner twice a day as its antibacterial and balances out the ph of your skin-I use it straight just on a cotton wool pad and wipe all over.smelly but works!! you can also dilute with water if your skin is very sensitive.And finally 3 days ago I threw away my moisturiser and am now using cold presed extra virgin olive oil!! I know how that sounds but honestly its amazing as amke up remover-just tip some on to a damp cotton pad and wipe all over,usually takes me three little round pads to get it all off:chuckle: Even my mascara comes off easy!! then when its all off I tone with the apple cider vinegar,wait 10 mins:whistle: then put some more olive oil on a damp pad and wipe all over my face! I know its only been a few days but so far my skin is looking great,no new zits,in fact one big one that was cropping up on my chin is all but gone!! :smiley: hope this helped you!


Hi Melina :waving:


Hi Melina,

The Alpha-H range is fantastic for combatting acne. A popular choice is the Active kit (designed for oily/acne skin), as it contains all the products you need to see improvements:


I’d also recommend (especially if your acne is very serious and not responding to proper skincare etc) going to see your doctor about it and getting a referral to a dermo. Sometimes I reckon it doesnt matter what you use, if you are genetically prone to have bad cystic acne, you’re going to get it. Medication really helped mine. Its up to the individual though - some people dont like taking stuff for it…


:spin:Hi Melina,
As someone how has suffered from acne for about 11 years, I have tried most things!!
In the last 18 months my skin has drastically improved due to the Ultraceuticals , MD formulations and Alpha-H range. My acne was clearing up, however the under skin congestion, hormonal acne (around chin and jawline) and enlarged pores was continuing to be a problem. So I have also added monthly microdermabrasions or a AHA peel in my regime. This has probably made the most difference. Lotions and masks can only go so far, and then resurfacing of the skin is required.

I am also taking daily supplements, 2 x acne support, 2 x antioxidant, and 2 x Q silica tablets to support my skin from the inside. Also when I exercise and drink the right amount of water, my skin just glows. Unfortunately there is no quick fix, it takes time and commitment to have great skin, just the same as it takes to get a great body.
good luck!!


I agree with delabourgeoise, although I say trail some products like the Alpha-H range that Celeste mentioned. Welcome by the way melina_jones :waving:


Hi Melina :waving:
The new Alpha-H Mr & Mrs H 3 Phase Kit is especially made for acne prone skin.


melina I feel your pain…I know exactly where you are coming from.

I have found my only cure or ‘successful’ remedy is medication so a trip to the doctor might be in order…It does take a little time though

Also Mario Badescu Drying Cream is FANTASTIC!! To me its like the most wonderful pimple cream on the market…


Also Mario Badescu Drying Cream is FANTASTIC!! To me its like the most wonderful pimple cream on the market…[/QUOTE]

I did not get this stuff. I mean I only used it once but I found it did nothing. It just sits there now. Maybe I should try it again…


hi i totally no whats your going through i am almost 23 and have suffered with acne since i was 15. i have tried everything under the sun liturally everything in the kitchen cuborad and fridge to products money almost cant buy i have spent unbeleivable amounts on products that should have been gold plated to cure my acne and honestly nothing worked. infact i did more damage and created so much sensitivity in my skin jumping from one product to another that it probably worsened my situation. when i was about 17 my doctor presribed me a medication called minomycin. it worked!! for about 3 months… it is an antibiotic and my body just got use to it and the pinples returned. acne is so depressing i had clusters of huge cystic pimples on my forhead only. its so hard to cover your forhead! its so flat they felt like second heads! enetered the room before i did! the rest of my skin was relitively in good condition except a bit red from all the drying products i used which are so bad they have given me such premature aging now at 23. fine lines etc. i asked my doctor for a referal to a dermatologist who prescribed me roacutane. now dont freak out at the meer word. thats what i did. you have probably heard alot of conflicting stories about this medication makeing people depressed headaches and who knows what else. you no what it gave me? CLEAR SKIN. i get no side effects and are as happy as ever. the media and people tend to latch onto horror stories and run wild with them. whilst on roacutane your dermatologist will follow your treatment very closely and you will have regular appointments. it has been a miricale in my life i take 2 tablets with food twice a day. i get quite dry skin now but that i can handle my confidence has improved so much! have been taking it for approx 3 months. im not sure were you are at this time in your life but you cannot get pregnant whilst on this medication so you must take very safe birth control but your dermo will work all this out with you. honestly give it a go like my doctor sais try it what have you to loose? i could possible continue to have acne til im in my mid thirties. i had nothing to loose and everything to gain. talk to your doctor you could spend your life $$spending money on products that might never work. good luck! :slight_smile: (sorry long post)


I am going to disagree with Glow555, whilst i think it is wonderful that you are getting your confidence back, these anti biotics are not the answer.
they simply mask the problem, as you actually haven’t figured out why you are getting the acne, be it diet, stress, hormones or a combination of all factors. I believe my parents made the correct choice to not put me on roacutane as an early adult, and consulted the advice of a natropath. Yes, this did not provide the immediate results the anti biotic would have, however it taught me WHY I had acne, and HOW to treat it from. If you do not fix the source, the problem will contiue to be there.


The best way I find to help fight for a clean face is to wash 2 times a day (when you get up, when you go to bed). Wash with a dermatologist recommended cleanser. Follow with a treatment cream as instructed, and be sure to apply the cream consistantly. If you do not follow the directions the treatment will not work. Try and choose a treatment that won’t dry your skin our too much, and then stick with it for a few months.


Also remember to keep your face free of contamination. This means:
Don’t touch your face unless absolutely necessary (don’t rest your chin on your hand or rub your hands on your face)
Keep your pillowcases scrupulously clean (wash every second night and turn over in between)
Always use clean facewashers and towels

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