Anyone tried silicone gel/sheets for scarring?

Anyone tried silicone gel/sheets for scarring?


I recently had someone recommend silicone sheets to me for minimising some small scars from surgery incisions a couple of months ago. Apparently you can buy either in gel form or as a sheet. In the case of the sheet you cut to size and stick over your scars and try and leave them on for a good 10 hours a day if possible and after several weeks of use it can help noticeably bring down severity of the scars both in colour and texture. Curious to know if anyone has given either of these a go?


Tell me more @christined what was the brand/product called? I’m intrigued.


@tinamiller The box says CICA-CARE Scar Treatment. It’s basically a sheet of thick transparent silicone. Sticky on one side and reusable if you wash with gentle soap. I’ve just bought the sheets to use but my friend said she’s used the gel version (which you apply and it dries over the scar until you wash it off) and said it definitely helped her with some scarring.
Tell you what - the sheets aren’t cheap at $90 for 6cm x 12cm (though as I said, reusable) for that price I hope it does something!


@christined you’ll be pleased to know you haven’t wasted your money. I believe they’re very good IF you use them consistently and are patient.


Thanks @tinamiller this is great to hear. I’ve heard that using something super hydrating like Lanolips would do the same thing though? Is this true?


Without getting too sciency - no not really. The silicone sheets actually have a property that reaches down through the layers where they meet and start the healing process from there. For the kind of wounds that you have this will be beneficial but as they are (in the big scheme of things) fairly minor wounds and not in an area of the body that is prone to ketone scarring - you’re probably not going to see the benefits like a really major injury to the skin (eg large burn) would see. Lanolips is an occlusive ointment which does not penetrate the skin at all - it’s designed to protect the skin (which is why lambies love it) not penetrate it.


Wow so interesting @tinamiller. Thanks for the insight! I just assumed the silicone sheets worked because they kept the wounds covered and that kept it hydrated or something.