Apricot tinted moisturiser

Apricot tinted moisturiser


Years and years ago I used to use an apricot scented and apricot tinted moisturiser that had a skin brightening effect… after years of looking for it I have found its discontinued so I am desperate for something to replace it…

I have tried a number of primers but none of them come close…

Anyonr have any suggestions


Not sure if scented moisturisers are the way to go. Check out The Ordinary or Hylamide.

Are you looking for a primer or moisturiser?


I remember similar - the fragrance from the apricot oil was beautiful. I actually thought i bought mine from avon or nutrimetics?
Alternatively i think the body shop have an apricot oil moisturiser and I know you can buy apricot oil at health food stores as a gentle simple moisturiser.


I was looking for a primer - not a body moisturiser. Well aware of apricot body dew…

I finally gave in and bought a possible primer and it is the closest I have found to the original… Milky Wet Powder Peach by Chosungah 22… lightening, brightening… and the perfect prime