I am loving every single product I’ve tried from this range… so naturally I am looking for more things to try :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Interested to hear what others are using?

My experiences:
Exfol L 15 - this is my HG exfoliating product, I prefer lactic acid to glycolic-based products as they don’t aggravate my dehydration. I am onto my third bottle of this.

Hydration Serum - to combat the aforementioned dehydration issue, I have been switching between this, Intraceuticals Rejuvenate 3-step, and Hylamide Low-Molecular HA. Lately I find myself reaching for the Aspect most often, it has a thicker texture which somehow makes me feel like it works better. (Whether this is true or all in my head, who knows :thinking:)

SMC moisturiser- this has shot to my #1 favourite moisturiser WITH A BULLET. Super hydrating without clogging up my skin. :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


I love Aspect! Effective products in great packaging that’s easy to use and ensures you get every last drop!

I have used the C and B serums and the Phytostat 9 moisturiser for over two years They all work really well and I absolutely noticed visible changes in my skin within about 6 weeks of using them. Clearer and more refined, glowing skin.

Phytostat 9 is great all year round for me though I do add a little Rescue Balm (cosmedix) a couple of times a week in winter. Maybe I should try your moisturiser @KateMorrisCEOin winter?

How often do you use the Exfol? Is it a wash off or leave on overnight situation?


@tresnalee I use the Exfol L nightly, it’s a leave-on serum. You’d put it on under whatever other serum you are using.