Back on the beauty bandwagon

Back on the beauty bandwagon


Hello everyone, I am 56 and for the last 5 or 6 years, have not bothered with make up or really skin care apart from very mild home made soap, nivea moisture and a bit of Revlon foundation, this has mainly been due to ill health, however over the last 3 or 4 months, I have started to feel more like my old self and feel the need for a bit of a spruce up. My daughter has introduced me to some cosmeceuticals, which she uses religiously. I am starting to see a difference in a short time.
I have enjoyed reading your posts and your hauls :grinning:
Can’t wait to post my own, looking forward to learning a bit more, buying a lot more… and hopes there are others here my age.


Welcome @wendyB! Glad to hear you’re back on the bandwagon and feeling better. There’s a whole variety of ages on here so I’m sure there are others in your age group floating around. Look forward to seeing you around on the forum. Christine x


Hey @WendyB welcome! :blossom: