Beauty product you cant live without

Beauty product you cant live without


Would love to know what beauty product you absolutely can’t live without :blush:


I’ve got a pretty decent selection of beauty items but the one I love the most and don’t feel “right” if I skip is Aspect Extreme B serum. I love the way it feels on my skin, it makes my skin less red and blotchy and seems to make everything smoother and tighter. It also smells terrific (like a berocca!).


I do love Aspect products! They are amazing, I have their fruit enzyme mask :blush:


This is a tricky question. I wouldn’t know which one to choose!

I guess, for skincare, I’d say my Dermalogicia Special Cleansing Gel. For Makeup, I can’t live without Mascara - my eyes look beady without it, and it helps me appear alive!


Oh good ones! I love mascara too :blush:


What’s your beauty product you can’t live without? :grinning:


Hmmmm I’d have to say sunscreen, a bit different from most but it’s one product I use daily :blush: If not my moisturisers. There’s so many to choose from :speak_no_evil:


Oh good one! Suncreen is so important - not going to lie, sometimes I do forget to wear it in the winter. Winter in Melbourne can sometimes feel like you are living in Forks (the town in twilight?)


Haha!! You get four seasons in a day down there don’t you?


Hahaha yes! But generally in Summer - when all you want is the sunshine. :yum:


Oh I’d hate that because I love summer lol


Haha it’s a struggle at time, but worth it!