Beauty Products to Keep Skin Radiant in the Summer?

Beauty Products to Keep Skin Radiant in the Summer?


What tips do you have for keeping skin looking great in the summer? Especially if you go to the beach!!

  • Drink Plenty of water.

Drinking water benefits how well your body functions and ultimately affects how your skin looks and feels.
This would be my number 1 especially summer. (I’m guilty of sometimes forgetting to drink my 8 glasses a day.)

  • SPF Protection

This takes me back school when the teacher would say -“If you don’t SLIP, SLOP & SLAP kids, your not allowed to play outside”

I wear SPF tinted moisturizers that are safe & non-toxic , even on cloudy days as i know that growing up in Australia has made me extremely sun cautious.
I reapply often (ideally every 90 minutes), and always after I’v been for swim. I swear i end up using at least a half a tube if I’m spending the day at the beach!

  • Exfoliate

In summer i try and exfoliate twice a week, not exfoliating results in my skin looking dull, rough and dry.
And i sure notice the difference when i do remove all those dead cells, allowing my skin to become more radiant and healthy.

  • I like this one as its not greasy at all & can be used under & over make-up too.


Thanks for this advice Asha

  • it is very helpful!


I haven’t tried them yet but I hear the Alpha-H Wipes are awesome for smooth skin! I want to use them on my legs.


Thanks christined