Beauty Salon Skincare Treatments and Procedures

Beauty Salon Skincare Treatments and Procedures


I’ve never really spent much time or money on salon treatments like laser and skin needling etc and am interested to hear people’s experiences and recommendations. The most I’ve ever done was laser hair removal which was great and micro dermabrasion which felt nice but to be honest I didn’t feel like the results lasted that long for what I paid.
I’m particularly curious to know if anyone has had any laser or LED treatments for pigmentation or fine lines or even skin needling for fine lines and stretch marks and if they recommend any of these?



I am currently having laser treatments for redness and broken capillaries which is my main concern at the moment. I also have pigmentation which I will treat next. I have seen significant improvement after just two treatments. My advice is to do some research first then have a consultation with a few different clinics. Also make sure you choose a reputable clinic as there are so many clinics out there and so many different types of lasers that sometimes it can be really confusing

Here are some sites that I found really helpful:

dr david lim youtube
the lady bible instagram

I hope this helps


Thanks @jenna! So the broken capillaries are disappearing? Do they expect them to totally disappear?


Hi @christined

Yes, the capillaries have completely disappeared. I had quite a few large ones around my nose and they are gone. I will still need another 2-3 treatments for the redness and some smaller capillaries. They said if you are prone to capillaries then they may come back so I may need to get further treatment but at this stage I am extremely happy. If you are in Melbourne, I can recommend a few clinics. They all have free consultations