Beauty Travel Essentials

Beauty Travel Essentials


It sounds like a few of us (@alexandraraymond @Shannon_Staff I’m looking at you!) are about to escape the Melbourne winter for a holiday (myself included)… While @alexandraraymond’s contemplating hydrating masks for her flight I’m keen to hear about your travel essentials in general… Favourite products that come in minis, travel beauty hacks, how to come off a flight looking like… errr… you didn’t just come off a flight.

For starters I think I’m going to go spend some $$ on eyelash extensions to save myself bothering with too much of a make-up routine in humid weather (I’m going to The Philippines). I also usually take a mini of the Dr Bronner castille liquid soap with me because you can use it for so many different things including body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent.

What else should I buy, guys?


Here’s my plans for my beauty essential travel kit so far:

I am a full on convert to the R+Co shampoos and conditioners, and from memory you’re a thick/frizzy haired gal like myself? So you might like Bel Air. They look gorgeous and smell amazing, and I’ve actually really been loving the way they’re performing on my hair.

Aspect skincare is absolutely incredible and this little kit is perfect for holiday travel - you’ve got your Vitamin B, Vitamin C, moisturiser and cleanser all in these adorable travel sizes!

I collect Benefit minis from holiday sets because I’m a total addict, but a mini Roller Lash and a mini Gimme Brow are travel essentials for me. I will obviously also be taking a mini Black Chicken Remedies deodorant now that it’s my new found love:

Maybe I’ll do a travel kit picture once I’m all packed up! A month to go now…


@alexandraraymond I am indeed a naturally thick frizzy haired girl and OMG I hate to see what the humidity in the Philippines is going to do to it! Will def check out those R+Co products and that Aspect kit looks gorgeous.

I too am taking my travel Black Chicken Axilla paste. I’m so sold on that deodorant! Will be interesting to see how it holds up in hot weather (I only discovered it this winter).

I’ve also been looking through the Aesop range and might have to grab the Ginger Flight Therapy. I love a good essential oil!

Also had my eye on their travel kits and whilst the cleanser and balm would be lovely I’m not sure if their shampoo/condition is right for me.


LOVE this thread! I’m gonna be hanging out at the airport at 3am tomorrow and I haven’t actually packed anything yet… I haven’t let my mother in law know this, as she’s an anxious traveller and would probably fly interstate to force me to start packing right now this very second :laughing:

I’m travelling for 3 weeks so I dunno if these minis would last that long, but they’re only intended to supplement whatever I buy in Japan, and in case I hate the stuff at any of the hotels I’m staying at.

What to pack for travelling

Fav Shampoo & Conditioner for travelling:
Seconding you on the R+Co minis!! They’re awesome. I’m using the thickening ones for my partner’s hair - my hair is basically normal and everything I’ve tried from R+Co has worked so far.

My hair tends to go best when I’m rotating between a few shampoos & conditioners for some reason, so even though I expect Japan to have nice ones in their hotels (thank you Shiseido!) I need to change it up for my hair’s sake.

Fav cleanser for travel
I have a travel size for the plane, but other than that I like to take smaller bottles of Micellar with me.
This is the one thing I always have to pack more than what I would normally go through, because let’s face it, drunk Shannon is gonna spill this everywhere… and I usually wear a lot more makeup, because selfies duh. The Hydrabio Solution is a really nice one for dry/combo skin!

Other stuff:


I’ve seen a lot of people say they use up their sample sachets while they’re on holiday… but I couldn’t think of anything worse!! I only pack with me the exact routine that I’m already using, no matter how much room it takes up. I don’t want to find out the hard way that a product doesn’t work for me, while I’m on holiday, potentially without access to my favourites to fix things up.

Do you take your normal skincare products with you? Or stick to samples/travel size, whatever is on hand?


Oh @shannon_staff your post made me laugh about drunkenly spilling your products! Ha. I’m a bit torn on the samples bandwagon. I AM actually planning on taking my Kevin Murphy plumping samples that I got in my last Adore haul… even though I have thick hair and don’t need plumping. The bottles are just so cute though and it’s a great travel size. Could be totally wrong for my hair but I figure I can always just buy shampoo when I’m there. Only going for 8 days so I also figure if I play my cards right I can just wash my hair twice in that time… :see_no_evil:

The rest of my beauty products like cleanser and makeup etc are all in small enough bottles that I don’t need mini versions. Shampoo/Conditioner are usually the biggest hassle.


Here is my biggest issue… WTF do I do about bringing dry shampoo??? Is it only carry on where you’re not allowed aerosol sprays or are you not allowed them in your checked luggage as well? Previously on 2 week holidays to LA or the UK I’ve just gone out and bought a mini from a pharmacy when I get there but I don’t really want to waste my 1 week in the Philippines trying to find good dry shampoo that I’ll throw out after a week. Any ideas?


@christined I might be way off here, but I think you’re allowed to bring aerosol on board as long as it’s under 100ml/100g? So you could go something like this tiny baby dry shampoo here:

Otherwise I know Aveda have a non-aerosol dry shampoo:

And R+Co have a dry shampoo paste, which seems absolutely wild to me but people seem to really love it:


@alexandraraymond bingo! That’s exactly what I was looking for non-aerosol and the fact that it’s Aveda is a bonus! Wait… The R+Co sounds good too… Any thoughts on one vs the other?


Im sure you can bring aerosols as along as they have a lock or lid.
I know because I have a GIANT can of hairspray I always take with me in carry on. :joy:

I always pack Nuxe eye cream and Lonvitalite Eye masks. These are so great for making you look fresh and hydrated, especially if you have gotten sunburnt or had a big night on the cocktails!

Also, if I have sunburn on my face I always have a couple of these masks in my bag. Pop it on in your room or by the pool! I just lay back and put my hat over my face, take a nap with the mask on.

Something I ALWAYS take, because of all the shopping, sightseeing and early morning runs, is The Body Shop foot fuzzies. I always get puffy feet when I am on holidays. So I pop these in the bath or sink, stick my feet in and let swelling go down! If you do not have time for that, Nuxe eye cream does also help when applied on your feet too :wink:


Guys, I’ve made it overseas… these are my goodies that I brought along with me. Particularly loving the aerosol free Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo situation… smells SO good!! Apart from toothpaste and also my beloved lanolips lipbalm and rosehip oil (which didn’t fit into the flatlay) I’m living on these (as far as hair and body products go) for the next week whilst in the Philippines!


haha @Shannon_Staff what you are telling is correct. even i pack the things which am already using daily. I don’t commit a mistake of trying new beauty products instead of enjoying my trip.