Benefits Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

Benefits Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow
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Hi All,

Has anyone used this foundation? Is it yellow/golden tones or pink tones?

Has anyone used it on sensitive skin?

Would you buy this again?

~Shazz :holmes:


Hi there :slight_smile:
After having my brows at Benefit Brow Bar they used this on me and it didn’t match my pink skin tone. Definitely yellow based. Go in and see if they will try it on you perhaps?


Been hearing good reviews about this product but I agree with thepinkshoe, it has yellow undertone.


Hi Shazz,

I have tried the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation, it’s pretty nice! I’d say the medium to deep shades generally lean towards more yellow tones and the lighter tone are more pink based.

I don’t have sensitive skin - my skin is oily, but I love wearing it in winter when my skin is more normal/combination. The finish is really nice - very natural a little bit of a glow, so I definitely find I need to set it with powder. I was impressed with the coverage too, you can use it sparingly for light coverage and build to medium without it looking cakey.

I would buy it again, but for use in winter :slight_smile:

Channel x


Always a great post from Channel! This product is recommended too for people with oily skin. It’s more on the matte side but will still give you that dewy skin glow.