Best anti-aging facial product?

Best anti-aging facial product?
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There are a huge number of anti-aging products on the market. Which products have you actually seen a significant difference?


I loveeeee my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. It has completely changed and improved my skin. Its my number 1 pick!


anti-aging products that have actually worked for me include garnier - the ultra lift pro x. It comes as a roll on and it didnt have collagen in it like all the other products. Instead it has a beech tree extract. I had incredible results with this when I first used it and have used it since. In fact, it was one of the cheaper varieties and I have always been on the look out for something that works better, but haven’t found anything.

I am concerned that all of the myths about collagen are true and that collagen in creams cannot penetrate the skin and even so it cannot bind with the collagen network underneath the skin.

That’s my input :slight_smile:


For me the best anti aging product is Mary Kay. It is proven and tested.


Soaps can dry your skin. Most bar soaps contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which strips away natural oils from the skin.


Another of my favorite products is Estee Lauder’s advanced night repair serum. I have just done some more reading on it and found that it contains a really important ingredient, hyaluronic acid. They have done an improved version. I highly recommend this one too. It is a little expensive but well worth it if you are serious about anti-aging and skin care


Best creams and serums keep you look young, vibrant and healthy. There are many products in markets which are good anti-aging facial products. But I would refer you to use Olay definite cream which makes you younger and fights with lines and wrinkles which makes you best. Testers raved about the texture and fragrance of this moisturizer, not to mention the line-reducing niacinamide and glucosamine that make it a powerful anti-ager.

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The facial products for the anti-aging, it is essential to know the right skin type. For this, you can either have the natural remedy or you can go to the skin center.


I have been using Lancome Primordiale Optimum Night for about 10 years and it works well for me. I have normal/combination skin. It’s a night cream but I use it during the day. It’s kinda expensive, but it lasts a long time. It’s also cheaper than other Lancome anti-aging products.


Honestly, the best way to avoid aging your skin is to avoid the sun! All sunlight ages your skin, this is why people in sunny countries tend to be more wrinkly than people in cloudy countries as they age.


Agreed! Protecting your skin from the sun is the best way to prevent wrinkles! :slight_smile:


Protecting my face is my first priority! Exfoliating is also an important one for me :slight_smile: For actual products to prevent aging, I use products from Caithy Organics NZ ( For a product that combats aging, I’d specifically recommend the Skin Firming Concentrate Oil. That’s the one I use.


Ally M,

Which sunscreen do you use? I am loving the Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50. I love the texture and smell, it’s hydrating but not too thick.

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