Best anti-frizz serums?

Best anti-frizz serums?


What are your favourite anti-frizz serums? I’ve used several in the past that have been decent but still always feel like I have to be super careful about the quantity I put in so that I don’t end up with greasy hair! I love Moroccan oil for the scent and Kerastase has been ok but still looking for the ultimate serum!


Crazy frizz girl here.
The kerastase ultime oil has worked the best for me. I tried the eleven one but just didnt work.


@christined Aveda Shampoo Aveda Conditioner Aveda Nourishing Styling Creme Swear by the Aveda Smooth Infusion Range! I found my hair (naturally curly ringlets + frizz temple) is frizzy and my curls wild if I just use one product. But if I use something for curly hair, shampoo, conditioner and a treatment product it’s helped so so much!