Best dark tan for palest skin? Any recommendations?

Best dark tan for palest skin? Any recommendations?


Fake tan recommendations??


I still swear by St Tropez mousse! Gives a nice olive tan instead of going orange!


I dont tan, but all my sisters do and they love Bondi Sands and St Tropez as well. Bottles of it everywhere! :joy:


Oh I keep wondering about Bondi Sands @annettebisinella any idea how it might differ from St Tropez? How does it smell?


@christined I personally havent used St Tropez. But I have used the instant Bondi Sands on my legs, which just washes off when you have shower next. And it smells like coconut but still has a tanning smell to it.


Coconut sounds nice though @annettebisinella. St Tropez doesn’t have a strong smell but it’s definitely still there. Is the colour olive and not orange with Bondi Sands?


@christined Yes certainly is brown! I have very white skin, so I can only use certain products that have a really brown colour so I dont look ridiculous. They have a medium and dark variety you can choose from.
Also with the instant, you can pop it on, wait for it to dry then pop more on again, and keep building the colour until your happy.
I dont tan anymore, because I have learnt just to embrace my white skin lol. My partner hates the smell of coconut and tan as well. Definitely saves me time getting ready to go out now! :grin:


I am super pale and love the convenience of this in shower tan. It’s easy and helps me to build up colour over a few days.


I really like foams more so then lotions as i find them to be very sticky & uncontrollable but I use a couple of different ones! All in completely different formulas see below for my picks & go- to’s!

  • I use this one when I’m well prepared & know that i need to tan up! MY GO-TO!!!
  • it’s the best I’ve used so far! I’m between light- medium & the “Dark Mousse” is suited to my skin tone!
  • Super natural & lasts if you prep your skin well prior to applying.
  • I use this one when I’m in a complete rush! It’s a green based ingredients doesn’t leave you working out the door looking ompa loopma like (be sure to scrub your hands after application) Its gel like form is easy to apply & dry. It has a slight shimmer to it & washes straight off, so you wont need to scrub 50 layers of your skin to remove it!
  • This is a really good subtle, build-able tan enhancer & comes no synthetic ingredients & nasty self tan smell!!!
  • Certified Organic with natural ingredients!