Best fake tan for sensitive skin

Best fake tan for sensitive skin


I really hate being so white now that the weather is getting better! I have extremely dry, sensitive skin and a bit of eczema.
I have tried spray tanning with disastrous results. It was streaky and darker on my dry patches and looked horribly blotchy as it faded :shakehead:…so not real keen to get any more spray tans. I don’t mind the Palmers gradual tanner, although sometimes it can make me itchy.

Can anyone please suggest a tanning product which may suit my skin?


Surely someone has a suggestion!!!:waving:


Hey Jayda,

Sounds like you’ll need something in quite a moisturising base, so that it doesn’t grab onto your dry patches so much. I would suggest you have a look at the Fake Bake Fair, which is nice and creamy and builds up the colour gradually. St Tropez Everyday lotion would be another option.

Unfortunately for your sensitivity, pretty much all fake tans are highly fragranced… so it will be a matter of trial and error to find the one that gives you the least irritaion.


Sun labs ultra dark tan is lovely, and i use it on my sensitive skin (my skin reacts to anything and everything!) I have never had any problems at all, it soooooo simple to use, and the colour is great. And it just wears off slowly, so no streaking or yukky colouring! Dont worry that it says ultra dark, thats the normal colour (im blond and fair skin and i am fine with this- just gives me a natural colour) Even my husband loves me using it as it doesnt have the smell that lots of them do.
I think you would have luck with this one for your skin. Its a bit hard to buy in Australia (its from America)
Good luck! Hopefully you can find something you like so you can colour up a little before summer. It always makes you feel so much nicer doesnt it!


The Avene Moisturising Bronzer self tan isn’t bad, provided that it’s the fragrance that you’re allergic to, and not the DHA which is in the majority of tans (including Avene). Avene is a range of skincare for sensitive intolerant skin and you can find it in pharmacy and sometimes Priceline.
I’m allergic to every single fake tan I have ever tried, including the gradual ones; however I had a spray tan from my cousin who uses Techno Tan and it had the least irritation so far. I still got hives in my elbows and knees though :shakehead:.


Caron has a salon specific spray tan called Nunkeri Tan- (the aboriginal word for beautiful) Part of this range is a 100% certified organic spray tan by ECO cert and the benefit of this is the DHA (active ingredient) in the tan is plant derived. So by having no chemicals makes it less irritable to a sensitive skin. It is also fine to be used during pregnancy.

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