Best Fake Tan In The World!

Best Fake Tan In The World!


[SIZE=“3”]I have found [B][U]THE BEST [/U][/B]fake tan [B][U]EVER[/U][/B]!!!

Its called ‘The Bronzer’ and its by Ti Cosmetics, they make a fake tan and an instant bronzer which is the best if you just want to wear it for one night and wash it off the next day!

I also used to use chi chi solarium in a bottle but this product is so much better!
The best thing about it is that you also have the option of using the instant tan without shimmer so you can wear it during the day which i love cos i hated how my legs were always sparkling at work it made it so obvious that i was wearing bronzer!! But yeah i wear the shimmer one out at night so its great like that!!

I bought mine from Target but i went on the website and its also available at my chemist and priceline, and i cant remeber how much it was i think it costs like 25 or 24.95 or something like that - sooo cheap- and its in a bright orange and bright purple bottle very eye catching!!

Anyway I emplore you all to try it and let me know how you go![/SIZE]

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