Best Fake Tans?

Best Fake Tans?


What are your favourite fake tans?

I’ve usually always used the St Tropez mousse. I love that it’s more of a green/olive tone and the mousse application works well for me. They also have a version with all natural ingredients which is a huge win for me. It does still have that fake tan smell to it which I don’t love. I’m keen to potentially branch out to try some new brands and types of fake tan. Throw your suggestions at me ladies!


I would be keen to know best gradual tans! If anyone has any sugestions :relaxed:


Yeah these always scare me a bit @annettebisinella! I’m worried that I’ll misjudge how dark it’s going to turn and end up looking like an oompa loompa!


My Polish skin just cannot do fake tans. Im always turning orange lol! I have come to turns with, white is the new brown every summer for me :joy::joy:


LOVIG TAN!!! Bondi Sands was great but I have recently dicovered Loving Tan and its the best ever.
I was never a self tanner but saw past sun effects on my skin and converted. It is always intimidating at first but research and watch you tube clips then use some and you will be a pro in no time. I promise!!!
A tan makes me look so healthy. I love it.


For gradual tan, Eco Tan Winter Skin is the Never goes yellow and gives the skin a beautiful natural-looking glow. As for an instant tan, you NEED Loving Tan Bronzing Mousse in your life. Best fake tan hands down, and make sure you buy the Loving Tan mitt as well, it’s the best one on the market IMHO. Thank me later!


St. Tropez is the one which i have been using so far