Best foundation for combination/oily skin

Best foundation for combination/oily skin


Foundations are great in making a difference to how we look each day. There are different types of surface, our skin, needing that extra special treatment. To know what our skin is like at a certain time of the day and in general is one step but the next comes a bit harder. Choosing the right base could really help us save time, money and be planet friendly. But how is it possible to narrow down and pick one or two brands from the innumerable amount of products sold today?
Is it by chance?
Emotional tendencies coming out from its looks?
Beauty pressure such as rated reviews?
Personal financial reason?
Or just because?

Testers and samples are good. But it doesnt help when we are out of reach for them when we really want it.

Adorebeauties, what brand do you use? How did you decide to choose that over the others when its only your first try? And how do you know if its the right shade regardless of its physical unavailability and possible guesswork suggestion before you buy online?



Hey @zarahschulz I totally empathise with this. It’s hard choosing foundation online, especially the right shade! As far as foundation quality I rely a lot on other customer reviews and doing some research online to read what beauty reviewers have to say. When choosing the right shades - the findation site has helped me a lot in the past . It basically helps match your shade based on other brands and shades you’ve used in the past.