Best Hairbrushes

Best Hairbrushes


Ok so whilst skimming through the Adore Beauty site this morning I started reading this article on Mason Pearson hairbrushes.
I’ve heard it once and I’ve heard it before - their bristles are meant to LAST and people go gaga over their brushes. I’m keen to hear thoughts from your experiences though, especially any ladies out their with thick hair, like me. Why do you love them? Should I be saving my pennies for one ASAP? Do I need to buy the nylon bristle version for my thick hair? Do you have any other brushes you love?


My holy grail hair brush is the Morccanoil ceramic paddle for my think hair. Can’t say I have used a Mason Pearson brush though, so would also love to hear about it.


Hey @caseypaige. I haven’t heard of the Morrocan Oil paddle… Tell me more! What are the bristles like and does it keep the static/frizz away when brushing?


I have owned my brush for well over a year now and the bristles are still all in tact and its super easy to clean. It doesn’t cause frizz or static when I use it. When I do get frizz from from humid weather it seems to tame them straight away. From my understanding the bristles are called Ionic Bristles, which is supposed to make hair shinier and eliminate frizz. The big flat paddle is great for thick hair, and no tugging is needed for knots. I can use the brush on my hair wet and have never damaged my hair from doing so using the brush. The brush is on adore beauties website here:


Will definitely check it out. Thanks @caseypaige x


These brushes suit all sorts f hairs.

a. Brush For Natural Hair- Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush
b. Round Brush-YS Park Hair Brush
c. All-Around Brush-Mason Pearson Junior Medium Mixed Bristle Hairbrush


Thank so @vishnupriya. I’ve been considering the Mason Pearson mixed bristle brush for a while now. I have pretty thick hair so need the mixed bristles. Have you used one before?