Best Hydrating Moisturiser For Dry Legs?

Best Hydrating Moisturiser For Dry Legs?


I have a real tendency towards getting dry scaly legs. Particularly around my shins. I’m not going to pretend I’m good about applying moisturiser either but whenever I do I don’t feel like it makes a huge difference in the long term. Has anyone got a good recommendation for a super hydrating body moisturiser that might work? Preferably something that also absorbs well.

I’ve been considering the Lanolips Everywhere Multi-Cream. Has anyone tried this? Just worried it might be a bit sticky but I have no doubt it’s hydrating abilities will be awesome.


Ive been using Palmer’s cocoa butter and now the coconut formula, its really helps and has made waxing easier through healthy skin. Lanolips Ive only tried for my lips but seems to be good for dry winter lips, Im using a lighter botanical creme now for warmer months :slight_smile:


Oh I forgot about Cocoa Butter @courtneybailey. Never tried the coconut formula - is it more hydrating?


@christined I get scaly and dry too and I absolutely hate moisturisers that make me feel slimy throughout the day. I use aloe Vera after sun gel. It’s moisturising and absorbs instantly and I find it hydrating. The one I use costs me $4 from Coles and I keep it in the fridge to make it more refreshing.


OH wow. Is that the green gel in the clear bottle @karliethone?


It sure is. Not sticky or heavy or slimy