Best lip balm?

Best lip balm?
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which best lip balm one should use to get beautiful lip’s lie this …:heartbeat:


Carmex (ointment not bar)! Gets me through the winter every time.


I really like Lucas’ Paw Paw


i used many lip balm but in all of them i find Nevia is the best for me?
whats are your?


Although marketed as a lip treatment, Oralife is a very good ‘lip balm’. So far I can only seem to purchase it from Chemist Warehouse.


I have been using burt’s bees lip balm and I am loving it! I have it in three different tones. By far my favorite one is hibiscus. They are 100% natural and it’s tinted. My lips don’t even get dry anymore. Definitely check it out.


OMI pineapple favor is the best to me.


If you want to try out natural ones, I suggest to use butter if your lips are too dry and lemon if there’s like dark lining around your lips. Apply it twice a day and results should start to be visible in 2 weeks. :slight_smile:

There’s also a vitamin E lip balm that I tried before. I already forgot the brand (US made) but it’s really effective. It was just given to me as a gift.


Personally, i love billy goats soaps lip balms.


I think pond’s is the best brand while considering lip balm. It is not expensive but very effective.


I’ve heard great things about this Nuxe lip balm, but haven’t gotten round to trying it yet! Great reviews too :slight_smile:

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[QUOTE=Princess91;465006]I want to try the natural ones, what about the butter, what kind of butter is that. What about lemon, how would I apply it, should I apply the juice of it? I also want to know the vitamin E lip balm you have tried before. I want effective lip balm but affordable.[/QUOTE]

Hi Princess91,

Some great natural and organic lip balms are:

Antipodes Lip Balm:

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid:

Burt’s Bees lip balms:

I hope this helps!

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Agreed, burts bees are really nice - and some have pretty subtle tints too.


Carmex, but the liquid tube not the harder kind.


Nivea fruity shine cherry lip balm is the best option in these days.


I’m using Carmex now and it did a good job in exfoliating my lips. I like how it’s minty even if the flavor is strawberry… <3