Best lipstick that lasts?

Best lipstick that lasts?


Every lipstick I have tried only lasts a maximum of 2 hours. Can anyone recommend a tried and tested long lasting beautiful lippie please? :pray:


@saramontagnese I am obsessed with Gerard Hydramatte liquid to matte lipsticks! They are super easy to apply with the wand (I find that sometimes with a normal lipstick I’m not great at “colouring inside the lines”) and they just STAY. Big fan of 1995 as a shade for daytime or more casual and Immortal for a classic red.


@christined Thankyou! I will try this one :crossed_fingers:


Yes! Love Gerald Cosmetics lipstick!


Might I also suggest Maybelline Color Sensational Color Drama Lipstick (my favourite shade is 520 Light It Up) It’s a lip pencil that doesn’t dry out my lips, the colour lasts and you can also build the intensity. I have quite a few shades :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


@erinmc - thankyou


I keep coming back to reckon colorstay.


Thankyou so much for this recommendation! I bought the shade 1995 and love it! It lasted 3 hours without reapplying (a record for me!). I have never worn a matte lip pie before but do like the look. My husband said the colour was ‘very grownup… like the women in Hollywood’ :joy:. I will def be purchasing some other shades.


So glad you like it @saramontagnese! It’s one of my favourites. That’s such a funny comment from your husband! I can kind of see where he’s coming from though. So is red not grown up then? I have the ‘Immortal’ which is the classic red shade. Curious to know what his take on a red lip is :joy:


NYX Lip lingerie. Liquid lipstick with matte finish. Because of the Matte finish this tends to dry my lips out, that said I often find that the colour lasts a whole night out and i love that i don’t have to keep going to the bathroom to re-apply. If you do not suffer from dry lips as I do, this product is a dream come true.


Red lipstick would blow his mind :joy: In saying that, to be fair to my husband, I don’t wear almost any makeup so this lippy is full on in comparison. I bought ‘Cher’ and I have to say, it is the perfect daytime colour for me.


Thankyou! I might try this as well




I’ll have to try this also. Matte shades are the look right now.


Another surprise favourite for me (I also love the Gerard liquid lippies, they were the first product that brought me around to the matte lipstick trend) is the new Maybelline Superstay Matte Inks.

One of the bloggers I love did a review of a few shades, and I thought she must have been joking about the product NOT BUDGING through a makeout session, but like. This literally doesn’t need reapplication after a meal, it’s fantastic. I reviewed the product properly at the link :slight_smile: :kiss:


Ooh can’t wait to try this @Shannon_Staff! How does it compare to Gerard? Is it as hydrating?


Maybelline, this is long-lasting lipstick says that it has super staying