Best long wearing nailpolish?

Best long wearing nailpolish?


Guys, I’m totally the chip queen and I’m not talking the edible type (although I do fancy a good bowl of fries). 2 days into a mani and I’m looking like Courtney Love…
BUT Butter London’s new gel range with the silver lids has been rocking my world since I discovered. My mani lasts a good week without looking janky! I also love that it’s free of most of the nasties like formaldehyde and parabens.
Have you found any other nailpolishes that last the distance without chipping?


My nails are ruined at the moment from a dodgy gel mani in Singapore so I am polish-free until they grow out :cry: but usually I love Kester Black or the new OPI gel ones.
Revlon Colorstay polish is good in some colours, but I find some of the pale colours are REALLY hard to apply without streaks.
CND Vinylux wear really well but I haven’t found a pale/nude shade that I really love.


I love OPI’s Infinite Shine range and usually choose a colour from that range if I’m getting a normal mani.
I also recently purchased my fave shade ever - Tickle My Francey - in this formula :heart_eyes:


zoya is my favorite did any one use ?i love all the color lots of other brand


Anyone here ever used Orly? It really is long-lasting. But I find it a bit annoying because it lasts TOO long, if you know what I mean. We have to give our nails a break every now and then, and I find that Orly leaves my nails looking dried out (if that makes sense) once I had the colour removed.


I’ve never heard of Orly! I’ll have to check it out. How long does it last before you start getting chips? Butter London Gel laquer usually lasts me about 7 days before I start to look like I’m in a grunge band and have to take it off but I would love something that lasted even longer :slight_smile:


I remember mine lasting more than 2 weeks. I think it’s with their formulation or something. Like you will see your nail growing at the bottom part before it starts chipping. At least for me. But I also wash dishes, so I guess that should count for something haha. It also doesn’t hurt that the brand doesn’t test on animals.