Best mascara for long eyelashes

Best mascara for long eyelashes


Just wondering what recommendations do people have for long voluminous eyelash mascara. I am Asian with thin short eye lashes and trying to find a product that will give me the length and volume without resorting to eyelash extensions.



@tanyawang, oh I feel ya on this one. I’m half asian and got the stubby straight lashes! Ha. I’ve been using the L’oreal Telescopic but it’s been flaking off so I’m in the market to find something better. I’m also keen to hear people’s suggestions.


Have you tried Benefit Roller Lash? It’s designed to keep the curl in place, and the applicator is designed to get to the root of the lash- which is perfect for shorter lashes.


I haven’t tried the L’Oréal one. I’m currently using Terrybly mascara by terry i love it but it’s pretty expensive and I don’t really no if it’s really made my eyelashes grow and t doesn’t really give volume as such. Hopefully there’ll be something out there for us :grinning: