Best peachy nude lippy?

Best peachy nude lippy?


Hi ! I’m 44 so trying to age gracefully :blush:. I would love to try a peachy nude lipstick but can never seem to find one , or be confident enough to just try what I think might be good enough. I’m blonde if that helps. Hit me with your suggestions !


I love Shanghai Suzy Whipped Matte Lipstick - Miss Leah Baby Cocoa, and Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Love Lipstick in Raw Sugar :slight_smile:


Thanks Joanna, I’ll take a look


I Absolutely love the “Napoleon Perdis Mattastic Lippys” - I have the shade “Lucille” and its super nourishing on the lips. Such a splash of summer shade!!
The best thing about his "Luminous lip range & Devine Goddess lipsticks is that these products are also double duo’s.
i often use the pinky & peachy shades as great alternative for a dewy blush!


Oh thy look gorgeous ! Thanks Asha, I like the look of the Rita too :slight_smile: