Best Place for Tutorials?

Best Place for Tutorials?
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Hi All,

What is the best source you've found for online makeup tutorials? Are there any apps that you know of? I'm specifically looking for celebrity looks to copy.



YouTube is your best bet. Look up Kandee Johnson, TiffanyD, PixiWoo, Lisa Eldridge, Bubzbeauty, Xsparkage, frmheadtotoe.


Yes definitely Youtube! I am quite addicated to a few particular ‘beauty gurus’. I really like frmheadtotoe, AprilAthena7, mrdizzybubbles and also the ones that ina_j mentioned!


I love Lisa Eldridge!
Pixiwoo, not so keen.


Whenever I have a question about how I apply a certain look, or if I simply want some ideas all I do is google it. Oh google I love you! There a million and two You Tube video’s on everything makeup. Some of them good, some of them not so good.


YOUTUBE is your answer.
Good ones: Michelle Phan, Bubzbeauty, MacBarbie07, lizlizlive, Smacbeauty, AndreasChoice, StilaBabe09
They really are amazing we follow them religiously.