Best products for reducing skin redness?

Best products for reducing skin redness?


Hi everyone, I’m looking for a serum or something similar that visibly reduces redness on the face. I have searched high and low but would love some real life experience recommendations from other beauty zealots such as myself. Ideally something that wouldn’t cost me having to sell a kidney.


Hey @milliesymons - The Ordinary Niacinamide and Zinc is definitely a good one for reducing redness!


Hi @milliesymons

I’ve experienced redness and facial eczema and rosacea on numerous occasions throughout my life. From my experience strengthening the skin through light treatments first of all and primarily get the dermal layers back to a healthy healed state best to then have gentle products applied on top that continue to promote this state.

My advice would be like @christined has suggested something with Vit B and or Zinc based (but also dietary is ideal), but anything that has calming moisture attracting strengthening ingredients.

Get your skin strength up and calmed down and focus on nourishment.

Removing skin layers etc in my opinion is not probably the best way to go.

Your’s in skin love


Pai Instant Calm Redness Serum Sea Aster and Wild Oat: £42 for 30ml, Pai Skincare

Try this Serum, My friend has tried this. You will get a smooth face by reducing redness on the face.


According to me, eat hydrating food and wear sunscreen are some of the best natural ways to reduce skin redness. You can also use Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief oil free moisturizing cream to reduce your skin redness.


I’m in the same boat, I use a brand called La Roche Posey it’s French but really reasonably priced. I bought a product for redness today called La Roche Posey Rosaliac AR INTENSE I started it tonight , I been told it’s a great product that actually does the job. So consider it it costs about $34.00 but they jave specials I got it today for $17.00, I’ll let you know how it goes.