Best shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair

Best shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair


For the past 12 months my hair has been bleached and coloured every colour in the rainbow. A few months ago we bought a house with a pool, and daily swimming just killed both the colours and my hair, so back to a more normal colour (at least for summer) to give my hair a bit of a break. It’s now brown with blonde highlights.

I’ve yet to find my ‘it’ haircare products so would love to know what’s worked for you or what you just can’t do without. My hairdresser has advised sulphate free, moisturising and a leave in conditioner. I was using Redken All Soft, but wondered if there was something better out there. I’ve just purchased samples of Evo Ritual Salvation - and am undecided about it so far and I’m currently using Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment.

Is there anything amazing that hydrates damaged hair without costing a fortune?

*currently reading reviews on Kevin Murphy (sounds super great, but hope to find something a bit cheaper),
Evo and Eleven haircare. Anyone love these?


MUK! My hair has had a similar life to yours and in fact its been breaking and I’ve had months of hair disasters. I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on hair product in the last few months … I use the MUK Protein shampoo and treatment (Blue bottle) once a week and then the Deep MUK (Pink bottle) in between with the leave in conditioner. I use HIT MUK (Orange) for styling and finishing. If you have some extra dollars to spend the ORIBE range is LUSH but it is expensive. I use the ORIBE Blonde shampoo and conditioner too followed by the Gold Lust oil when i feel like a bit of luxury - I haven’t tried their other shampoos/conditioners but reviews are good.


I use only Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care Shampoo. It gives me good soft & shiny hair. so ill suggest u to use Pantene pro-v total.


@kyliecavanough have you ever tried Olaplex as a treatment? I’ve never tried it as I don’t really colour my hair but It’s meant to be amazing. We had a Q&A for it a couple of months back as well if you wanted to get the insider info on it.


Hi @christined Yes when I was first getting my hair bleached for the colours my stylist used olaplex and I continued the use at home. I’m not sure how much it helped as I was doing aqua yoga and aqua aerobics twice a week at the time, so I think it was like 2 steps forward and 1 back - but it probably did keep me from going bald!
After that I tried one of the shampoo/conditions that have their version of olaplex built in… but still just can’t find my holy grail hair care! I’ve been going through all the hair posts for inspiration, but still stumped.


Many years ago I killed my hair by bleaching, then going dark again and I used pantene then. My hairdresser was blown away by how much it had improved even though most hairdressers seem to hate pantene with a passion. Although it did help my hair then, I don’t really want to go back to a product with silicones (or whatever those ‘cones’ are) in the ingredients are.


I’ve used muk!!! The pink bottles, deep muk. I got that deep muk and it was lovely. I tried the shampoo conditioner in that range but didn’t love them. Maybe I needed to look at different products in the muk range like you suggest.


@kyliecavanough I do think Kevin Murphy shampoo is amazing too. I use the Young Again range which is very moisturising (to keep the natural frizz in my hair away). Although again I don’t have coloured hair.

At the risk of being stoned by hair aficionados I’m just going to throw this one out there too - A few years ago I went lighter and had some bleach put in my hair. It came out like stringy straw which was a huge shock to me after always having had silky black hair. At the time someone suggested Head & Shoulders to me. Because it’s an anti-dandruff shampoo it’s SUPER hydrating, especially the conditioner. Might be worth giving the conditioner a crack to use as a treatment even?


It gets to a point where you have to choose between blonde hair or long hair when it’s bleached :sleepy:
I recently had to give up and cut it up to my shoulders because it had become so broken and ratty I just couldn’t find a way to style it to look full and I didn’t have the guts to go brown or try out my natural colour (tbh don’t even know what it is anymore!)
Anyway a few years before the big chop I had been in the same boat and had tried a lot of products. Surprisingly a friend of mine who has amazing hair suggested Head and Shoulders conditioner because it is really moisturing and it works amazingly well. my husband got on to it as well and his hair is thicker from using it.
Weekly treatments and hair moisturisers are a must and it is worth spending a little bit more to get a good one rather than waste $20 here and there on products that don’t work well. If you go to a good outlet store or your local hairdresser they sometimes have samples which are worth trying out because everyone’s hair is different and can save you from spending big, personally I like KRR
Hope the natural colour and good hair products work for you honey, I know how hard it is to keep your hair looking luscious when it has been dyed a lot xx


Been there!!
In terms of repairing the damage, Olaplex is about the only thing that works - and even that can’t fix split ends, those just have to be cut off :cry:

I am a big fan of Pureology Strength Cure shampoo and conditioner. Not as $$ as Kevin Murphy, still not really cheap either, but I find the bottles last me way longer as the formulas seem very concentrated.

ELEVEN’s moisture shampoo and conditioner are a nice option too for the price, though personally I prefer the Pureology.


Ive been getting trims each time my colours were redone, so about every 8 - 12 weeks so luckily no split ends.
I ended up buying Kevin Murphy and it literally just arrived an out ago. I did comment to my husband that I hope the small bottles last a while!! I’d been buying Redken in litre bottles last year so I’m still not used to these 200-300ml sizes.

Thanks for your advice @KateMorrisCEO I’ll definitely have a look at Pureology and try Olaplex again. It’d be great to find something affordable that really works.


Kevin Murphy is great stuff @kyliecavanough, you will love it I’m sure.


The ELEVEN range is Lush!!


I use the Eleven Miracle Treatment. I ended up buying Kevin Murphy restore me I think it was, and it was beautiful but after a couple of weeks my hair was just greasy and needing to be washed more often, it was just too heavy for my hair. I’ve bought something from Nak to try -as it was on special, but Eleven was one brand I was eyeing off. :wink: Thanks!


I did love Kevin Murphy, but unfortunately the one I chose (I think it was Restore) ended up being to heavy for my hair after a few weeks. And as my hair was drying, it just felt crunchy and stiff! I’m sure a different one from the range would’ve suited better but the I just can’t justify the price at the moment. So I’ve purchased Nak Structure Complex to see how that goes.


I used the Young Again Kevin Murphy range in lieu of the Restore @kyliecavanough, when it was out of stock and that was awesome for my dry hair! Not sure if it would also be too heavy for you though.

I haven’t yet tried Eleven products but am keen to give it a go. So you recommend the Miracle Treatment then?


You have to try Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Remedy Collection ( - I recommended it to a friend who’d also had a bleaching mishap, she was struggling with awful breakage and dryness, and nothing was working for her. She came back from the US a couple of months ago and her hair is transformed! I couldn’t believe how much healthier it looked!


I agree re shu umera - when ive bought and used this previously it has transformed my dyed, frizzy, dry hair.

Im also planning on trying the new david mallet range esp the serum.


Sounds beautiful, but I think it’s a little out of my price range unfortunately - but I’ll keep an eye out for specials!


I loved the Miracle Treatment when I first got it, but I can’t really say that it’s improved my hair any. I have a Kevin Murphy leave in, that came in a pack when I bought the shampoo and conditioner. It’s very nice and I get a hint of musk lolly every now and then. But I have to say I love Loreal Extraordinary Oil. I stop using it while I try out various other products, or I run out and then when I go back and use it again I’m always blown away by how great it is. I have fine hair and it doesn’t weigh it down (I use it mostly on the ends), makes my hair smooth and shiny and I can’t stop touching it! I’ve run out at the moment, so just keeping an eye out for when it goes on sale. Bonus is I can get it while I’m doing the grocery shopping.