Best skin care product to keep in your car

Best skin care product to keep in your car


Anyone keep a little beauty kit in their car?
I was running really late for a doctors appointment today so I didn’t have time to complete my morning beauty routine. I only needed to refill a prescription but my doctor looked at me when I walked in and thought I had come in with the flu! So embarrassing! And a reminder that the early signs of ageing or maybe just flat out ageing has begun.
Can anyone recommend a hydrating adore beauty product I can stash in my glove box?


Trilogy rosehip oil or the Ordinary rosehip oil is your secret weapon.

I would also always say have a physical sunscreen in your bag. Melanoma is horrendous.



I always keep some hand moisturiser (which can double as general moisturiser on my legs etc if need be) in the car! Also tinted SPF lipbalm is a goodie for me to keep in there. Although I guess this is more so something I just keep on me in my handbag all the time.
On a non-skin care level I always try and keep a little bottle of hand sanitiser in there as well in case I grab a snack on the go and need to clean my hands.


‘BEAUTY FLASH BALM’ by Clarins will never let you down EVERRRRRRRR



Facial Mist
Sun Protection
Hand Cream


Oh deodorant is a good one @vishnupriya!


My handbag weighs a tonne and I take it everywhere (gotta be good for toning those arm muscles though, right?!), I always have with me:

  • Hand cream mini - right now I have a Korean one but I love it when Clarins does their limited edition sets that contain a mini Hand & Nail Cream - that stuff is SO good! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

  • Multipupose moisturiser - something like Lanolips Golden Ointment, something rich that I can dab on anywhere. Usually I use this on my elbows or any dry patches on my face, such as when I’m sick or I’ve overdone the chemical exfoliants. Or if I have a heap of time to myself, say on the plane, and I can give myself a hand massage (obviously this isn’t practical for everyone, especially if you have kids, but hey!)

  • Sunscreen! Definitely! I think this is the number one product that I get asked if I have any of, and that I forget to apply before I leave the house. I keep the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ with me at all times, it’s very conveniently sized and a little goes a long way. It’s saved my skin so many times! And works equally well for face and body. :sun_with_face:

  • Deodorant is a good one! I like to have a sample size perfume with me. Serves two uses for me - I can freshen up if I need to, and it’s handy when you’re in a public toilet that smells awful :mask::mask:


Good advice!

I’m going to keep it in my car, seriously my handbag is already ridiculously heavy, as I think all Women’s bags are!


@christined Haan s of course, it’s good to have deodorant in ur car.