Best Skin Treatment for Pitted Scars

Best Skin Treatment for Pitted Scars


Hi Beautys, have any of you had treatment for pitted acne scarring? I have tried skin peels & microderm but they only really seem clean the surface.
I was thinking of trying Derma Rolling or Fraxel Laser…but i havnt really seen any proper before or after photos that dont look like as though they have been photoshopped.
Any advice? Thanx :slight_smile:


Hey @ashleighxo I have a couple of pitted scars from chicken pox from my teen years. I’ve never found anything that’s helped make a huge difference although AHA based products did definitely help reduce them. I have heard that derma rolling helps heaps though but you have to do it regularly to see real results.

P.S. Don’t you just love how obviously photoshopped some of those images are? It’s like - ummm yeah guys you’ve just changed the colour filter so that they look faded.


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