Best Tubing Mascara?

Best Tubing Mascara?


Ever since trying tubing mascara i haven’t been able to go back to regular. I’m completely and utterly addicted.

I only use the Designer Brands version (It’s very good and so cheap) mainly because i have found it hard to find lux brands that offer it. I bought a MAC one on an internet referral but it wasn’t a tubing one so V disappointed.

Has anyone found a great one that they could recommend?

Thanks :slight_smile:


@amyware I’m so curious to hear answers to this as well! I love how easy it is to just pull the mascara off your lashes in the shower with tubing mascara… although I don’t know if I should be pulling on my lashes… probably naughty! I haven’t found a good one that doesn’t flake all over your eyes by the end of the day though so curious to hear.


The designer brands one is actually really, really good.


I am a mascara snob (you can pry my Roller Lash from my cold, dead hands) however I actually did really like the Mirenesse Secret Weapon:

It actually offered something other than being a tubing mascara, if that makes sense? A lot of them I’ve tried have been pretty “eh”, like they don’t smudge and are easy to remove, but don’t do a lot for the lashes. This is lengthening and separating - if massive volume is your thing you might not like it, but for length and separation it’s great.


Can’t go past Estée Lauder double wear! I’ve been using it for years. :grin:


Ladies I am kind of freaking out that there is such a thing tubing mascara. I had to go look it up to work out what exactly it was! :flushed: Is it really that much better than regular mascara?


It’s AMAZING… or I think so at least. It does not smudge or move and you just pull it off. It’s the best. THE BEST


Don’t your eyelashes come out when you pull?


You have to be gentle when you do it but you’d be surprised at how easily the mascara just slides off!


I lose more eyelashes with other mascara types in the removal process than I do with tubing!


To get extra bang for your buck with your mascaras put on a mascara that gives you the effect you are after eg lengthening, thickening etc and then coat with the tubing mascara to stop it flaking and smudging. I can’t take credit for that idea, I pinched it from Sali Hughes.


Mirenesse mascara, all of them do this Tubing… I love mirenesse mascaras…


@tinamiller you are such a beauty hack guru! I love it!


I’m a bit of a beauty sad sack really. None of my friends or family are really into this stuff. Their eyes always glaze over if I start! Lol


Hahaha… you’ve come to the right place then. Welcome to the beauty crack den :stuck_out_tongue:


I am so trying one.


Agreed - they just slide off when you are in the shower. It’s funny that that is what I love about them so much - no panda eyes - but I tightline with Eye of Horus and need to remove that with makeup remover. So really am not saving myself any time at all.


So I’ve been trying the Mirenesse Lash Whip mascara and I don’t know if I’m convinced. I love the fine brush as it means I can really get right to the root of the lash and not have the bristles brushing against my eyelid when brushing the mascara through… It keeps my lashes nice and separate and coats them nicely. But I don’t feel like the lengthening factor is really there and it doesn’t do anything to help my lashes curl (I have super straight lashes sadly!). Is Mirenesse just not my jam or should I try another one of their mascaras that might be more suited to me?