Best Vitamin C and A products? And routine?

Best Vitamin C and A products? And routine?


Hi all, in need of a good retinol/retinoid as i am currebtly usong the ordinary but dont think it is doing much. Any recommendations?


Hey Rachel! :slight_smile: Which one, and how long have you been using it? I may be able to help :smiley:


Currently using the ordinary retinoid but dont feel its doin a whole heap.want something that dries out the skin too much though. I alternate with liquid gold and the ordinary retinoid every 2nd night


Cosmedix Refine Plus is pretty hard core. I can only use it every 3rd night and even then I need to dilute it a bit with a hydrating serum. It doesn’t dry my skin out but it does make it flake like crazy if I overdo it :upside_down_face:


Oh I see, how long have you been doing that routine for?

Have you been using Liquid Gold for a long time now? Do you know how many weeks or months you’ve been doing this so far?

Generally speaking, if you introduce a new active ingredient into your routine you should see a change in your skin in about a month, as this is approximately how long a skin cycle is. @alexandraraymond do you have any thoughts?

The Retinoid is the weaker of the two retinols that The Ordinary offer - despite being a lower %, the Retinol 1% has more retinol in its stronger form. But, if you’re new to retinol, I’d recommend you continue using the Retinoid for three months before moving up to anything more hardcore!


I’m in love with Skinstitut Retinol and I’ve just purchased my second tube of it. You only need a tiny amount so it lasts quite a while. I use it at night only, and when I think it’s doing nothing for me, if I miss a few days I really notice the difference when I start using it again! My skin looks much smoother and brighter the following morning. I started using it every third night, then second and now nightly so it didn’t cause a huge reaction. I’m still experimenting and trying to find my perfect regime (currently looking into many of The Ordinary range), but this is one I do love.