Best Vitamin C serum suggestions

Best Vitamin C serum suggestions


I’ve been reading reviews to find out the best vitamin c serum to use. I currently have The Ordinary one which although effective isn’t my favourite to use due to the grainy texture. I’m keen to try The drunk elephant one but it’s so expensive! Anyone used it before ? Is it worth it? Or I would love to hear other alternatives that people have found!


Ooooh I recently gave my recommendations on this one!! You can read the full comment here: Vitamin C 🤨

Basically though, the 23% Vitamin C is REALLY strong for most people! What are you looking to address primarily?


I’ve been using this form of vitamin c from the ordinary and like it.


Oh really? From the reviews I’ve read there seemed to be a real mix of ages that seemed to benefit from the Drunk Elephant vitamin C.

I’m mainly after brightening and lightening some scars left from acne.

which one do you use currently?


If your looking for Acne Scarring suggestions, we recently had a huge discussion on this too! I found all the ladies advice so helpful! You might find some of the info useful too! :star_struck:


Oooooh I’ve been using the Liquid Gold from Alpha H ! But I haven’t noticed a huge reduction in the fading, although I think it’s because I’ve just got a few old and stubborn scars. However I love the Liquid Gold for an overall improvement in my skin tone. Used with the beauty sleep power peel makes my skin feel super soft in the morning!

I was after a vitamin c serum as it seems to be multipurpose!


I’m 26 and use vitamin c mostly to protect my skin and to maintain my skin tone rather than trying to address it - so I’m using it during the day under my SPF. I currently use this:

For something more active I’d recommend this one before the 23%, if only because to me the 23 is very gritty and tricky to work into a routine… That’s just my opinion though, i know it’s working for lots of people! If you’re looking for something more intensive than the above, this is a very solid choice - despite looking like a lower percentage it’s an excellent, stable vitamin c form that much more expensive formulations rely on:


If you’re looking for an intense Vitamin C and are (or were) breakout prone, I find that using a Vitamin C that isn’t oil based is great - this one by Hylamide is fantastic:

It’s really lightweight compared to other Vitamin C’s, but still very concentrated in it’s formula. If your skin is delicate or sensitive I wouldn’t recommend this, however if you’ve been using the 23% in The Ordinary so far without issue it will probably be OK! I think this formula is way underrated, and is worth way more than the (relatively) inexpensive price point.


I keep wanting to try that Vitamin C from The Ordinary as well @tinamiller. I hear it’s a bit more gentle than their other one. What do you love about it?


@alexandraraymond yes I like the Hylamide too. Good bang for buck. Though my favourite is probably the asap Super C Serum.


Ohhhh maybe I will give your second one a try, The Ordinary Is so well priced! It’s just the Ordinary vitamin C suspension 23% is just a bit too gritty and I find that it actually makes my face quite oily. I never use it during the day because of that.
Have you personally tried the Drunk Elephant vitamin c?


Ohhh I haven’t tried this brand before! My skin’s pretty tough when it comes to skincare so I think it would be able to handle it. I think this brand is actually included in the Priceline 40% sales this week, might have to go in and have a look!


Oh have you tried both? What’s the main difference that makes you prefer the asap one?


It sits well under makeup and doesn’t oxidise and turn me into an oompah loompah as happened to me on one rather spectacular occasion! Also, it’s working! I took a photo of some pigmentation I have under one eye and then photographed about 10 weeks later and I can see that the edges are blurred and the colour is lighter. Having said that I also use a glycolic product 3 x times a week (Alpha H Liquid Gold Rose if you’re curious) and a product with a low level of retinol (the holy trinity of skincare - Vit C, GA and Retinol). I also like the fact that it is supposed to help sunblock work better - but have only heard that anecdotally - haven’t seen the science behind it yet. Oooops sorry about the novel.


Oooh that’s really helpful! Also interested in the face you are using the liquid gold rose, I have their normal liquid gold. Have you used that one before? Any big differences? Just handy to know when my liquid gold runs out as I’ve really been liking the effect so far. Although having said that there’s also the glycolic product by The Ordinary I was thinking of trying out!


No @hayleypan I’m a latecomer to Liquid Gold. I was recommended the rose version as I have broken capillaries on my cheeks. I know the rose version has a slightly higher Ph so presumably doesn’t penetrate quite as deeply. Aside from some added botanicals (and the gorgeous rose scent) the products are identical I understand.

My only potential reservation I have with the TO glycolic toner is that it doesn’t have as many of the soothing ingredients that some of the more expensive versions of this product have (for instance the liquid gold products ) I’m all about challenging the skin but you need to ensure that you are using soothing ingredients to calm the skin and avoid a dermatitis reaction.


@hayleypan Liquid Gold has done wonders for me! When popping it on your face, pay special attention to any wrinkles you have and scars. Give them a good rub over, work the product into the skin. Glycolic acid and other AHAs are great for hydration, firming, wrinkles and scars. The more you use it the healthier your skin should become…and I am the same as you with Victamin C, looking for that little something extra!

@christined and I were also wondering (also on another post) what difference between gold and rose gold is. Ingredients list is same, just with the added Rose, Lotus and Orchid extracts

I was going to try ASAP Super C Serum because @KateMorrisCEO had suggested I use it on an alternative post of mine regarding Vitamin C. So its on my wishlist for my next order. :money_mouth_face:


@hayleypan I prefer the ASAP one as I feel like it works better - it has a different form of Vitamin C compared to the Hylamide, so it’s a bit stronger. Hylamide might be the better option for sensitive skin though as it is more gentle.


Ahhhhh ok. That’s good to know!

Well I think the Ordinary version might be when I’m low on spending money for the month haha. But I think I will continue with the liquid gold until I can find a product that works equally as well. I only got it about 6 weeks ago because I heard all the hype, but it’s a product that definitely lived up to it’s cult status.


Totally understand. Might have to test in store so I can feel the difference. I know hylamide is in Myer and Priceline, but do you happen to know if ASAP is stocked in any stores in Aus?