Best Vitamin C serum suggestions

Best Vitamin C serum suggestions


Haha sounds like your list of beauty products you want to try is growing as fast as mine! There’s just so many to choose from, but it seems the general trend from this thread is that there are alternatives to the drunk elephant’s vitamin c serum that seems just as effective!


I think your spot on @hayleypan The list grows n grows! But I think thats also due to weather here in Australia changes so much! Affects our skin alot!


Just realised whilst doing product research on The Ordinary, that Hylamide is apart of the DECIEM family as well. No wonder both brands are so great! They are like sisters!


Yes they are @annettebisinella! And NIOD too!
There are some great articles about the brands on Caroline Hirons’ blog:


Yes! I have only tried The Ordinary and one product from NIOD. The NIOD fractionated eye contour concentrate is easily the best eye product I’ve tried. I highly recommend it! I have dark circles and worry about fine lines starting to develop so this product has been excellent for those concerns!
Makes me super keen to try the Hylamide!!


I just bought the Powder form. It’s the purest form. 100% Vitamin C by Skinstitut. Instated using it yesterday so I won’t write a review for awhile.
I little amount (size of a rice grain) blend in with your daily serum or moisturiser of choice is all it takes. It’s a very fine powder to dissolves easy.


Ooooh interesting! Are you using a water-based serum or something with oils in it? Does it get gritty?

I actually have powder Vit C at home but I’ve never worked out the right concentration/not sure I trust myself that much first thing in the morning before my coffee haha!


Hi @Shannon_Staff, :joy::joy: I’m actually more alert in the morning’s. So I use a water based serum mixed with one shake or the amount of a grain of rice mixef in the palm of my hand then smother it over my face avoiding the eye area. Skinstitut states to use 1 small shake of the Powder or the size of a grain of rice so I didn’t have to think too much about it. Every other day I mix with my Retinol which looks more like a gel then anything else. The Vitamin C is very fine so dissolves fast. After, my skin feels slightly sticky to touch but not gritty. I then moisturiser as usual. The Vitamin C says that I can mix with my moisturiser also but I haven’t tried that, so I have a few options as to what I can mix it with. I found the key was to log on to the Brands website. They usually have a little link to a YouTube channel showing you how to use it. Please let me know if you get good results. I can’t wait to see results lol.


Ooooh that sounds really interesting, i haven’t seen any in just 100% powder form before. Interested in knowing how long that can be stored ?? As I know a lot of vitamin c products can oxidise fast and become ineffective.


Hi @hayleypan,
I’ll keep note of the date I opened it and let you know how long it lasts. I heard the same so I’m curious to know how long it will last too. It has a sticker to seal the little holes but we all know some stickers can become ineffective over time. Plus it has a twist lid so it’s air tight - I think. I’ll keep you posted. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t oxidize.


I think I’d prefer to mix it with a serum just because I know it will sit closer to the skin, whereas a moisturiser would probably get in the way of the actual vitamins right?

I think the nice thing about the powder - and why it’s so appealing to me - is that it’s a physical form of Vitamin C so it’s much, much more stable than your average C serum. Gotta be at least two years in the bottle, surely???


No idea how long these vitamin c products last. Are the vitamin c powders cheaper than serums??


Not sure about others @hayleypan But Skinstitut is $30.15 on Adore Beauty. At a beauty store they are $45 for one product or $99 for 3 products, $150 for 5 products. I’ve never tried another brand. This is the first time I’ve used a Vitamin C Powder.


Still hoping to hear from someone who’s used the drunk elephant C firm day serum! Would love to hear feedback about if it would be worth the splurge!


the powders probably do work out a bit cheaper than serums - though of course depends how much powder you use!


@KateMorrisCEO you need to entice Caroline Hirons here to Australia. I’m sure she’d come to visit you and the Adore team. Just don’t forget my invitation please! ; )


Sorry to hijack the conversation, but who’s Caroline Hirons??


UK skincare guru and has a yt channel blog and I G account.


would be AMAZING!


I know right! Also sorry for the occasional ineligibile message - using my phone to leave posts is a bit awkward…and I suffer from Icanttypeonmyphonitis…